Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface

Solid State Logic

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The Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface is a SuperAnalogue 16-channel, 40 line input mixing console with inbuilt signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control. With the goal to bring the soul of analogue sound into the machinery of digital workflow, Matrix 2 offers a seamless way to work in both worlds simultaneously.

The Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface is the ideal console/controller for your hybrid production studio. It is the most elegant solution available today for those who wish to incorporate the sonic advantages of SSL summing and a collection of boutique analogue mic pre's & processors into their DAW studio workflow. The Matrix 2 Control Surface is designed to give your studio a new heart. The analogue side of Solid State Logic Matrix2 combines: a 40 input SuperAnalogue™ summing mixer, fully featured Monitor Switching & Talkback and an in-built 'Insert Router' which enables individual or chains of analogue outboard processors to be inserted quickly and easily. The 16 + 1 fader hardware control surface swaps with a single button push from control over the analogue console signal path to functioning as a comprehensive multi-layer DAW control surface.

Designed to be at the heart of your everyday creative process, the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 is built to meticulous SSL hardware standards, to withstand even the most intensive studio use. Fully equipped to partner your monitors, workstations and outboard gear, the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 lets you shape your project studio around the way you work.

Insert Router - Integrate Your Analogue Outboard
Imagine being able to access your favourite combinations of analogue outboard equipment and apply them to your project without ever leaving the console. The Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Insert Router is like having a supremely versatile and controllable patch bay built into the console. You physically connect up to 16 hardware devices to the 16 insert points on the console (using rear panel standard D-Sub connections) but unlike a traditional console you are able to select which of these devices are applied to which console channels 'on the fly'. The system even lets you build 'chains' of processors so that you can immediately recall and insert a favourite combination of mic pre, EQ and Dynamics... or instantly swap individual processors within the chain... or instantly change the process order of the chain...without leaving the console. With Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Devices and chains can either be created and inserted using hardware buttons on the console surface or a simple drag and drop software interface running on a computer. The Solid State Logic Matrix 2 is the closest thing you will find to using hardware devices like software plug-ins within you DAW. The workflow of the Insert Router may feel like software but the signal path is 100% SSL SuperAnalogue™ hardware.

delta-Control (d-Ctrl)
The unique new SSL console automation system unites the very best of automation in the analogue console domain with DAW based workflow. The d-Ctrl Single Fader Plug-in is a native AAX/AU/VST/VST3 plug-in that allows automation of the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 channel volume as if it were a DAW plug-in. Inserting 16 instances into the DAW session will allow control of volumes and cuts for all 16 Matrix channels. The automation system in the DAW is used to record and playback Matrix volume control data entered either directly from the console faders or from the fader in the plug-in GUI. The d-Ctrl plug-in is inserted into a DAW mixer audio or aux channel. The plug-in then receives and sends volume data from Matrix via a high speed ethernet network connection. Audio on the DAW track passes through the plug-in slot unprocessed so the plug-in can be combined with other DAW plug-ins. Matrix’ Volume and Mute switch are represented as plug-in parameters in the d-Ctrl plug-in GUI and their automation data is recorded to the automation lane of the selected DAW channel. In playback, the plug-in converts the stored automation data from the DAW into d-Ctrl messages and routes these back to the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 via the network connection.

16-Fader Matrix Plug-In
The 16-fader Delta Control Matrix plug-in provides compatibility to Logic users, as well as offering an alternative workflow to the Single Fader plug-in users. The plug-in is available in all formats including AAX/AU/VST3/VST. The 16-fader plug-in allows users to write automation for Matrix’ 16 channel faders, mutes, and FX sends from one plug-in window, solving Logic’s inherent limitation of only being able to write data to one plug-in at a time.

DAW Control
At the heart of your studio, the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 reaches out to give comprehensive control over your DAW environment, reinstating the console to its role as creative hub. With HUI or MCU modes, the 16 motorised faders and channel controls provide complete hands-on control over your DAW mixer, allowing you to enjoy mixing on a tactile, fully-featured control surface. Additionally, the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 gives you access to transport & navigation functions, plug-in & virtual instrument parameters, and essential DAW commands, allowing you to work quickly and easily using just the console surface. For crucial track adjustment, the SSL's unique 'Focus Fader' mode enables the Master Fader (and accompanying V-Pot) to control any channel within your DAW environment that is not part of the currently selected DAW layer, perfect for time saving in mixdown.

Mixing and Monitoring
Alongside its integration of your analogue and digital equipment, the Solid State Logic Matrix 2 is a first-class SSL mixer drawing on SSL's 30 years of analogue console design. The essential functions of recording and mixing; routing, level measurement and monitoring are organised and arranged to make everything available at your fingertips to streamline the entire recording and mixing process. The Solid State Logic Matrix 2 analogue architecture provides 32 channel inputs (each of the 16 channel strips has main and alt inputs). Each of the 16 channels has a direct output designed to be used primarily as a DAW record output. There are two Stereo Mix Busses and four Stereo Aux Returns with full stereo mix bus routing bring the total available inputs to mix to 40. Powerful monitoring is a central feature of Matrix with independent Main and Mini monitor outputs, Artist Monitor output with independent EQ & source selection and three External Monitor inputs with source summing.

Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface Features

  • NEW! delta control automates your console within your DAW like a plug-in
  • 32 x 16 x 16 'Insert Router' for up to 16 external hardware processing devices
  • Hardware processors can be inserted via console controls or cross platform drag and drop software browser
  • Stereo or 5.1 EXT monitoring outputs with independent Main and Mini monitor control
  • Hardware processors can be inserted individually or as 'chains'
  • 40 Input SuperAnalogue™ summing console:
  • Stereo Aux Send and 4 x Mono Sends per channel
  • 4 Stereo Returns with full stereo mix bus routing
  • Dual Stereo Mix Busses with summing Inserts and reassign

Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface Specifications

  • Performance Figures:
    • Headroom: < +26dBu @ 1kHz (< 1% THD)
  • Line In to Direct Out:
    • Frequency Response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.1dB at 20kHz, -1dB at 80kHz
    • Noise: < -89dBu 20Hz - 22kHz
    • THD: < 0.002% @ 1kHz (+24dBu, 22kHz Filter)
  • Line to Aux Bus Out:
    • Frequency Response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.1dB at 20kHz
    • Noise: < -93dBu (No Channels Routed), < -76dBu (All Channels Routed, Faders at 0dB)
    • THD: < 0.002% @ 1kHz (+24dBu, 22kHz Filter)
  • Line To Mix/Rec Bus Out:
    • Frequency Response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.1dB at 20kHz
    • Noise: < -89dBu (No Channels Routed), < -77.5dBu (All Channels Routed, Faders at 0dB, Pan at Centre)
    • THD: < 0.002% @ 1kHz (+24dBu, 22kHz Filter)
  • Matrix Console:
    • Dimensions: Width; 946 mm, Height; 228 mm (Including Feet), Depth; 724 mm (Excluding Connectors)
    • Weight: 25 kg
    • Heat Dissipation: 130 Watt (Approximately)
    • Connector (DC Power Input): BICC 12-Pin Male
  • Matrix Power Supply:
    • Dimensions: Width; 106 mm, Height; 202 mm (Including Feet), Depth; 306 mm (Excluding Lead and Connectors)
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Heat Dissipation: 45 Watt (Approximately)
    • Voltage: 100 - 240 V ±10%
    • Current: 2.0 - 1.0 A
    • Connector (Mains Input): IEC320 10A Male

Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface Includes

  • Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Control Surface
  • Owners Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty


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The Solid State Logic Matrix 2 Studio Integrator Mixer Control Surface is THE perfect mixing console and DAW control surface for the studio looking to tie existing preamplifiers and hardware together with a full-featured digital audio workstation (DAW). Matrix 2 makes it easy to "demousify" your workflow while controlling both the routing of analog and control of the mixer within your software (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Samplitude, Studio One, Nuendo, Sonar, etc). User programmable Soft Keys allow you to set up custom controls with loads of options to streamline your workflow. Analog features such as the ability to feed the REC bus back into the MIX bus makes a perfect and simple routing pathway for parallel-compression of drums, etc. Solid State Logic has always been known for products which attract clients into your studio. The Matrix 2 is no different, and brings SSL's famous automation, as well as Total Recall, to studios at a price point never before available. Contact us here at Front End Audio for assistance integrating the SSL Matrix 2 into your existing setup. Front End Audio can provide all of the furniture and tools that you will need for a fully functioning Matrix2 setup.

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