Heil PR-48 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

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Heil PR-48
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Heil PR-48 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

The Heil PR-48 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone features a PR-30 capsule and a special set of filters which creates a steep-sloping top end. Once you use one, it becomes quite clear that this mic already has a commanding seat at the big-boy's table!

The Heil PR-48 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone is a culmination of over 2 years spent on the road with leading drummers. They gave Bob Heil their ideas, their dreams and their needs which Heil Sound turned into reality. The Heil PR-48 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone starts with Heil's 1.5" large diaphragm dynamic element sealed in a vulcanized shock mount and fed with a specially designed low pass filter that creates a 10 dB rise from 60 to 100 Hz., right where the kick drum resonates. The PR-48 then stays out to 7.5 kHz and drops off drastically to eliminate any unwanted internal sounds. The total frequency response is 30Hz - 8.5kHz (4dB rise @ 4500Hz). Its rear rejection is -40dB @ 180 degrees off axis. It can handle +148dB SPL. What you get is one great sounding kick drum microphone!

Heil PR-48 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone Specifications

  • Output: 3-Pin XLR
  • Rejection: -40dB @ 180 degrees off-axis / +148dB SPL
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-8.5kHz (4dB rise @ 4500Hz)
  • Generating Element: 1 1/2" large diaphragm, dynamic, cardioid
  • Additional: Utilizes a low-pass filter with a 3dB hinge point at 30Hz and 8.5kHz
  • Mounting: Standard 5/8-27 thread
  • Uses: Kick Drum, Bass Cabinet
  • Includes the Heil Mic Screw Adapter

What We Think

The Heil PR-48 Kick Drum Mic features a PR-30 capsule and a special set of filters which creates a steep-sloping top end. I've come to appreciate that the PR-48 shows off a couple different sides, depending on where it is used. When used in the studio, you'll notice that it basically has a nice 'full kick' sound. It's not scooped or hollow. The better the preamp you use, you'll beging to notice more and more nuggets of sonic-gold in the sound. When used in the live arena, the Heil PR-48 on a kick drum is flat out THUNDEROUS. All the presence in the mid-range that Heil mics have become famous for on kick drums is still here in the PR-48. So, not only does it 'pop' in the mix like you need it to in the mids, but it feels like a cannon is going off in the room every time the kick drum is hit. Seriously, it's like a concussion-blast. The PR-48 is not a 'toppy' mic by any stretch, but I find that it doesn't need it. When you approach the kick sound without heavy-handing it, you'll begin to notice that the kick drum sits very naturally in the mix without the need for a bunch of EQ or compression. It just seems to do everything you've ever known a good kick drum mic to do... only better. Once you use one, it becomes quite clear that Heil's first dedicated offering for kick drum mic'ing already has a commanding seat at the big-boy's table.

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  • 5
    Great kick mic

    This mic is super good. I had t o turn the volume down as it projected so much of a fuller sound. It's heavy and well made. It has great sounds and my drums sound great. This is the kick drum mic to get. U won't be disappointed.

  • 5
    Heil PR-48 Drum Mic

    My purchase was delivered promptly and was well packaged. The Heil PR-48 is an excellent kick drum mic. I replaced a worn out akg d-112. The kick has more defined punch, with better high-end clarity. Click comes through beautifully. The best part? Front End Audio had the lowest price on the interwebs. Could not be happier with the mic or Front End Audio.

  • 5
    Heil PR-48 Kick Drum Mic

    Superb mic. I used it along with the PR-40, and wow, talk about capturing a big kick drum sound. I put the PR-48 inside the drum finding a sweet spot between the shell and the beater. I put the PR-40 in front of the kick drum and tunneled it to prevent any ambient noise. Bada Bing Bada Boom!

  • 5
    Amazing On Kick Drum

    Beautiful and built like a tank. But how does it sound? %$#*ing amazing!

  • 4
    Great microphone

    I just loooove the Heil PR30 on kick so I just had to try the PR48 since it's practically a PR30 inside tailored for kick duties. I wasn't thrilled about it to be honest. The PR48 seems alittle dull compared to the PR30 which is still my favourite on kick (together with a ribbon outside). Compared to D112, D6 and Beta52 the PR48 sounds very natural, but it doesn't really have the same bite as the PR30. But, on floortom the PR48 really shine! The best floortom mic I've tried and I have most of the usual suspects. Highly recommended!

  • 5

    All you need is a hole in the kick drum, and the mic does the rest. I find myself using skipping the EQ when I use the Heil. The sound is big, round, pleasantly unobstrusive but definitely there. Always a great companion to my bassline. Wicked product!