Heil PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone

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Heil PR 31 BW
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Heil PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone

The Heil PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone is a fantastic drum microphone designed for Bob Workman the FOH Engineer for Charlie Daniels Band.

Bob Workman uses the Heil PR-30 for just about every application but it was too large physically to fit in and around the drum kit... so Workman suggested to Bob Heil that they "cut" the PR-30 in half! And that is exactly what Heil did, and the Heil PR 31 BW was born!

The Heil PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone is basically 4-ich PR-30 that exhibits all specs of the PR-30. It has the ame great frequency response, the same wonderful front pattern and the incredible -40 dB of rear and side rejection, which is perfect for using the Heil PR-31 BW as an under head microphone for cymbals.

The Heil PR-31 BW is also a great choice for vocals, guitar cabinets, brass horns, saxophone, and piano and it will even fit inside Leslie speaker cabinets, and more. There are a variety of mounting options from Heil for drums, guitar and vocals/broadcasting.

This incredible little bombshell is rightfully named, the Heil PR-31 BW in honor and thanks to Bob Workman

Heil PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone Features

  • 4" PR 30 that exhibits all specs of the PR 30
  • -40 dB of rear and side rejection
  • Perfect low profile answer for toms
  • Great for using as an "under-head" for ride cymbals.
  • Short body length is excellent for use on guitar amps on small stages.

Heil PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone Includes

  • PR-31 BW Dynamic Microphone
  • Mic Screw Adapter
  • Foam-fitted Protective Box

What We Think

Placing a microphone under the cymbal has never been successful because the microphone hears everything around it. With the -40 dB of rear and side rejection of the Heil PR-31 BW, the microphone does not hear anything but what it is point towards - in this case, the cymbal and nothing from the toms or other sounds close by. Using a right angle connector and the Heil HH-1 rim mount, the PR-31 BW is the perfect low profile answer for toms.

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  • 5

    Posted by Chris Lyon on Feb 1st 2016

    Haven't found anything yet that these mics don't sound good on - but only had them a week and half LOL. Quickly becoming a "go to" mic.

  • 5
    Toms Toms Toms!!!!!

    Posted by Christopher Pou on Feb 1st 2016

    I absolutely love these things on rack and floor toms! Same great results as a PR30 on guitar cabs, too!

  • 5
    Great general-purpose mics

    Posted by Spockter on Aug 27th 2013

    We bought a couple of these mics and have used them for multiple applications: choir, drums, podium speaking. They have worked very well and impressed our musicians,

  • 5
    good service, nice product selection, great price

    Posted by Brent Vinson on Mar 5th 2013

    I ordered Bob Heil's latest creation the PR 31 BW... a more compact version of their great PR 30 large diameter dynamic mic. Front End had a great price and their shipping was fast and effective. They are wonderful folks to deal with. I'll be calling them in the future for my pro audio needs.

  • 5
    great sound, super compact and made in the USA!

    Posted by Brent Vinson on Feb 21st 2013

    I got a new thing for these Heil Mics. First noticed them on the Lexington KY based "Woodsongs" show. They got a terrific sound from various stringed instruments in a live performance setting. They use PR30 mics and the PR 31 BW has the same great sound in a short compact lightweight package. Works well with my PR 40 which is an excellent vocal mic for voices like mine. Well done Heil Sound; great sound, value and made in the USA!

  • 5
    Great Mic

    Posted by Mike Tierney on Jan 1st 2013

    Heil's PR-31BW is simply stellar. I've used it on electric guitar, vocals, snare drum, toms, and cymbals, and it truly performed on each instrument. It's very detailed and open, and has high frequency detail that few other dynamic microphones have, while retaining a clear, strong bass.

  • 5
    Awesome all-purpose microphone!

    Posted by Dave Kaminsky on Feb 15th 2012

    This mic has simply blow me away. It features a 5kHz bump in frequency response, and behaves like a more well-rounded SM57. On toms you get a top end clarity and a much brighter tone compared to an MD421. It sounds very good on a guitar cab, especially when paired with other mics. I have even used it harsh screamed and guttural vocals and it performed great.

  • 5
    very impressed

    Posted by Chris on Nov 16th 2011

    This will now be my go-to mic for toms. Excellent tone and the bleed that does come through sounds pretty smooth, unlike a 421 which can be harsh in my opinion. Also, I have liked using this on guitar, paired with a 121 is a pretty great sound. Will definitely be getting another (or two!)