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The Heil PR-22 Handheld Dynamic Microphone represents a completely new dynamic microphone technology designed for a wide range of professional applications such as live sound, commercial broadcast, and sophisticated recording.

Its wide frequency range and outstanding low handling noise outperforms the tired, 30+ year old industry technology and can withstand huge amounts of SPL. The end result is a microphone that can answer the call to any application. For example, the gorgeous upper mid-range makes the PR-22 the absolute best live vocal microphone, while its outstanding frequency response and superb dynamic range suit it perfectly for use with a snare drum.

The Heil PR-22 features cardioid patterns with great rear rejection that removes unwanted sounds that try to enter from the off axis rear. The pattern control of the Heil PR-22 is also terrific. This exceptional performance is achieved by using the ideal combination of materials for the large low mass diaphragm and a special mixture of neodymium, iron, and boron that gives the PR-22 the strongest magnet structure available.

In addition to the special magnet structure, the PR-22 achieves its exceptional performance by using a large 1 1/8" low mass voice coil assembly with a very unique internal sorbothane suspension system that has been designed to reduce undesirable handling noise. Special attention has been paid to the phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind, entering them out of phase. Thus, the PR 22 produces a very linear cardioid pattern and reduces the proximity effect while achieving perfect articulation. This new Heil element is usable in extreme high sound pressure levels and is immune to overload conditions making it perfect for vocal and live sound applications.

Heil PR-22 UT Handheld Dynamic Microphone Features

  • Wide frequency range
  • Outstanding low handling noise
  • Very linear cardioid pattern
  • Usable in extreme high sound pressure levels

Heil PR-22 UT Handheld Dynamic Microphone Specirfications

  • Output Connection: 3 pin XLR
  • Generating Element: Dynamic with strong neodymium magnet assembly
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid, uniform front to back discrimination
  • Impedance: 600 Ohms balanced
  • Output Level: -55 dB @ 1,000 Hz
  • Finish: Black finish with stainless mesh grill
  • Net Weight: 14 oz

Heil PR-22 UT Handheld Dynamic Microphone Includes

  • PR-22 Handheld Dynamic Microphone
  • 3 x Metal Wind Screens (Black, Silver and Gold).
  • Microphone Clip
  • Windscreen
  • Leather Pouch
  • Carrying Bag

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  • 5
    Chris Coleman

    This mic has a much more open sound than the standard 58/Beta58 we're all used to. There's more high end detail, and a noticeable scoop in the midrange, which removes much of the congestion typical of most stage dynamic mics. But there's plenty of warmth at the bottom. Frankly, it sounds much more like a large diaphram condenser mic - and not a cheap one! Handling noise is also minimal. This is a mic I'llb using on stage and in the studio. Impressive!

  • 4
    Excellent addition to a live mic stable!
    Anthony Davis

    Very articulate in the upper-end, and fantastic lows for a handheld dynamic. The low end is so rich that it's my #1 choice for a larger-than-life sound with live announcements. It's marketed as having low handling noise, and while it has less than the PR20, it's still a little higher than ideal (higher than leading handheld dynamic vocals mics), but the trade-off for what the PR22 picks up that the others don't is more than fair! Rarely does this mic need much in the way of EQ for vocals (maybe just taming a bit of the low end on boomier voices). It's a very nice compliment/contrast to the much more mid-range-forward Shures I use frequently (SM58, and Beta58A). Compared the the Shures, my PR22 is lacking in mid-range, but this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for on a lot of sources. None of the boxiness or "honk" I often associate with the Shures (for better or worse). All-in-all, whenever I'm out on a live-sound gig, I make sure a few PR22 always tag along.

  • 5
    Awesome Microphone
    Pete Holland

    This is an excellent dynamic microphone. Currently using the PR-22 for vocals and extremely happy with the sound. I'm also very impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly service I received from Front End Audio, keep up the great work!