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The Handcrafted Labs Velvet Channel Strip is a harmonious fusion of vintage warmth and modern precision, boasting a Class A tube microphone preamplifier, a finely-tuned opto-compressor, and a versatile EQ section.

Introducing the HCL Velvet - the ultimate pure tube pre-amp channel strip unit from Handcrafted Labs. This all-in-one unit is meticulously designed to deliver a rich, smooth, and warm sound, making it an essential tool for engineers, musicians, and producers across the board. Velvet is more than just a recording tool - it's your gateway to crafting sonic masterpieces. Don't just record, create with Velvet today!

Pre-Amp Section: The Velvet's Beating Heart
At the heart of Velvet lies a Class A tube microphone preamplifier, powered by dual triode tubes (6n3p and 6n5p) with two tubes per channel. This pre-amp is a testament to HCL's unwavering commitment to quality, featuring premium components such as Cinemag input transformers and high-grade film capacitors. The output stage incorporates custom in-house built transformers, meticulously designed to harmonize with the tubes. Controls include a stepped Input Gain knob, High Z instrumental input, Phantom power, Phase flip switch, Attenuator Pad switch, and a Low Cut filter set at 80 Hz.

Compressor Section
The Epitome of Precision and Control Next in the Velvet's signal chain is an opto-leveling amplifier, a tribute to the legendary Teletronics LA-2A, but with HCL's unique enhancements. The dual triode 6N5P tubes ensure a sonic character that is both transparent and richly textured. The signal path is pure tube, handbuilt with high-quality shielded oxygen-free wire and film capacitors. Controls include a sidechain filter switch at 80 Hz, Pre/Post EQ routing switch, Hard/Soft Knee switch, and a Bypass switch for the compressor section.

EQ Section
The Sculptor of Your Sound The Velvet's EQ section offers four stepped switches to boost/cut Low frequencies, Low Mid frequencies, Mid frequencies, and High frequencies. These fixed values and broad Q have been carefully selected by our engineers to work seamlessly with a wide range of signals, with a special emphasis on vocals. A Bypass switch for the EQ section is also included for added flexibility.

Output Section
The Final Flourish The Velvet's output section is controlled by a Master Level knob that adjusts the output level of the device. An Insert in/out switch allows for insert circuitry engagement if you wish to use other gear to enhance the signal prior to Velvet’s output stage. A needle indicator mode of operation switch can be set to output level metering or gain reduction, providing you with precise control over your sound.

Handcrafted Labs Velvet Channel Strip Features

  • Pure Class A tube pre-amp channel strip
  • LA-2A inspired compressor
  • Musical sculpting EQ
  • Powered by dual triode tubes
  • Cinemag input transformers
  • Custom in-house built output transformers
  • High-grade film capacitors

Handcrafted Labs Velvet Channel Strip Includes

  • Handcrafted Labs Velvet Channel Strip
  • Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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