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The Handcrafted Labs Thermos Equalizer is a 4-Band Parametric Equalizer inspired by the Barry Porter type EQ with a number of exclusive added design features, top class input and output transformers.

Each band has a Boost/Bypass/Attenuation switch and a multiplier switch to double the frequency selected (divider for High Band) as well as switchable Q and 9 dB of either boost or attenuation in 24 steps switch. Center section incorporates High Pass filter with adjustable frequencies and slope (six fixed frequencies and 12dB/24dB to octave curve selector) and full Mid-Side coder/decoder with M-S solo buttons. The frequency Response measured with all EQ bands ON set flat, 10Hz to 100kHz +0.2/-3dB.

The Handcrafted Labs Thermos is incredibly surgical yet very musical and transparent, you will not want to let go from your rack.

Special Note: Two recent updates to the Thermos (as of 2023), put M/S mode on a single button, and there are no longer separate outputs for the Transformer and Transformerless outs. They utilize the same outputs and you can switch between transformer and transformerless via a button on the front panel! M-S circuit operates on transformers. When transformerless output is engaged, the Thermos will only operate in stereo mode.


Handcrafted Labs Thermos Equalizer Specifications

  • Input Impedance: 24 Оhm
  • Output Impedance: 600 Оhm (transformer) / 500 Оhm (transformerless)
  • Nominal Level: +4 dBu
  • Maximum Level: +22 dBu
  • M/S Coder Circuitry: Transformer based
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz…75 kHz. +/- 1 dBu
  • Signal to Noise: -91dBu
  • Harmonic Distortion at 1K on +16 dBu: less then 0.1%
  • Power/Voltage: 115/230V 50-60Hz

Handcrafted Labs Thermos Equalizer Includes

  • Thermos Equalizer
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manual/Warranty Information

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    Mastering EQ
    HCL Thermos

    This mastering EQ is amazing! Mid-Side and ability to solo each each side is great! All pots are stepped and is easy for recalling. I have this, their Varis Vari-Mu mastering compressor as well as their Solution compressor. I’m’ planning on buying their entire product line up as I’m so impressed with the quality build and sound for the price point. I also love the option of coming out either with transformers or without.

What We Think


The Handcrafted Labs Thermos is a high-end jack of all trades EQ that can hendle anything you throw at it. Be it tracking, mixing, or mastering, Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo, and Mid/Side processing, the Thermos is very impressive. Overall it is a natural fullranged sounding EQ, with a smooth tone that sweetens things just enough without being overly noticeable. Having the ability to select from a large range of frequencies over four bands (Low, Low Mid, High Mid, and Highs), with overlapping, adjust your bandwidth, and either boost or cut the selected frequencies to give that final shape to your tracks makes the Thermos a pleasure to use. Add in the Mid/Side processing feature and now you can do some cool enhancements to stereo tracks, drum overheads and room, as well as mix bus in mixing or mastering applications. Handcrafted Labs did a great job on this piece of gear!

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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