Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack

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Fredenstein Bento 6S
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Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack

The Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack is a high performance power rack for Fredenstein or API 500-Series modules. Ideal for any studio or recording setup needing stable power, the unit can accept a maximum of 6 modules.

The Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack features several important upgrades compared with third party products:

  • Universal power supply has mains voltages ranging from 90V AC to 240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz.
  • Increased output currents as +/-16V DC 1.6A and +48V DC 0.15A, 533mA per slot which is about 3 times more than the standard calls for.
  • The Fredenstein Bento 6S power supply is also designed for extremely low noise largely due to state of the art switching regulators that operate above 200 kHz, which is typically higher in frequency than most conventional switching regulators. They also follow “green” guidelines that minimize power consumption to only what is needed.

Other features include the capability to drive very large capacitive loads. Most other switching supplies might oscillate if presented with large capacitors to charge. The Fredenstein Bento 6S ramps up in a controlled manner (typically 0.2 seconds). Also unlike most +/- switching regulators, both the +16V and -16V are regulated separately and provide separate current protection.

Auxiliary Audio Inputs and Outputs

  • Built-in Audio Routing: Modules can be daisy-chained by simply flipping switches on the back- panel.
  • Compressor buss linking: Compressor modules can be linked by engaging switches on the back- panel as well.
  • Multi-Layer Backplane: Increased signal integrity and lower noise floor.
  • Ground-lift switch: In case of ground loops, the audio ground and the protective ground can be disconnected. Please use only if absolutely necessary.

Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack Features

  • Ideal for for any studio or recording setup needing stable power for their 500-Series modules
  • 6-Slot 500 Series rack
  • Module Power is ±16V DC 1.6A, +48V DC 0.15A
  • Universal power supply accepts voltages from 90V to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz
  • Onboard audio routing
  • Compressor bus linking
  • Auxiliary audio inputs and outputs
  • Multilayer backplane
  • Ground-lift switch
  • Carry handle and 2 sets of rubber feet for convenient portability

Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 90V AC to 240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Output Voltages: +16V DC 1.6A, -16V DC 1.6A, +48V DC 0.15A
  • Power Consumption: Max 90W
  • Dimension (L x H x D): 300mm x 135mm x 190mm (Without Handle and Feet), 350mm x 145mm x 190mm (Including Handle and Feet)
  • Weight: 3.8kg (NW) ; 4.8kg (GW)

Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack Includes

  • 1 x Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack
  • 1 x IEC Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

Fredenstein Bento 6S 500-Series Rack Downloads

What We Think

"The Fredenstein Bento 6S does exactly what you expect a 500 series rack to do. If efficiently handles your 500 series compatible models and offers different routing capabilities. We have tried the Bento with a variety of single and dual slot modules and the 6S is a workhorse offering stable power across all slots. It comes standard in a table top format but if you prefer to rack the 6S then there are optional rack ears available. All in all, the price point of the 6S is hard to beat so if you are just getting into 500 series or a seasoned professional then the 6S has a place in your studio."

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  • 4
    Excellent, with minor quibbles

    Posted by Peter Drake on Aug 24th 2019

    Functionally and sonically excellent, a great value. The only way to remove the handle according to Fredenstein is to remove the top cover, which voids the warranty. The LED's on the front are too bright - I covered them with tape. Great bang for the buck.

  • 5
    Really good

    Posted by Carlos Duran on Jul 5th 2019

    Zero Noises, Compact and robust.

  • 5
    Bento 6 500-Series Rack

    Posted by B Morris on Oct 18th 2016

    I just got another one of these. I like the portability, the cool look of them, (yes it matters). Being ever so slightly overpowered I never worry about pushing it too hard with 6 pres comps, EQs etc. The patching system on back was the deal maker for me and it works, it just works. No buyers remorse, just a workhorse

  • 5
    Loving the quality and cost of my Bento 6!

    Posted by Randy Seale on May 19th 2016

    Ryan is very knowledgeable of Pro Audio gear and was great with assisting me and getting my order shipped!

  • 5
    Fredenstein Bento 6 500-Series Rack

    Posted by Craig Blackwell on Apr 25th 2016

    Awesome product and very fast shipping. Will be purchasing another one in time. Thank you

  • 4
    Nice rack

    Posted by A on Mar 8th 2016

    So far this rack has been working well with a pair of Neve 542's. It feels solid and well built. It gets pretty warm to the touch when in use, but nothing too unusual.

  • 5

    Posted by Constanza Rademacher on Mar 8th 2016

    the waiting was worth it. Thank YOU!

    Merry christmas and happy new year from Chile

  • 5
    LOVE it!

    Posted by Val N on Mar 6th 2016

    Looks solid and very well made. So far it has worked great. I love the option to link components with a flip of a switch on the back. That is super convenient and will potentially not only save you money in the future, but will keep the signal as clean as possible. For the money you can't find a better lunchbox. Love how it looks too. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Great Product, Excellent Customer Service

    Posted by THSL on Jan 27th 2016

    After some initial hiccups in getting a 2 slot module in slots 1 and 2, and back an forth with Ryan and Fredenstein, this rack is wonderful. The construction is solid, and the power supply is quiet. I appreciate that it has an internal supply instead of an external one.

    The unit was well packed, and shipped quickly. Customer service was excellent and provided quick responses to my sometimes silly questions. I look forward to purchasing more 500 series modules and other equipment from Front End Audio.