Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack (Used)


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Front End Audio acquires previously owned gear through our Buy-Back program. You can purchase used gear at a great price but there are no manufacturer warranties with these items. These items have been inspected and/or tested by our staff to make sure each one is in working condition and comes with our commitment to service. This Fredenstein Bento 8 looks great and functions perfectly. Its a great deal for a great 500 rack!

The Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack is a pure analog module carrier with onboard audio routing, compressor buss linking, and clean, high-power topology. It is designed to deliver robust, ultra-clean power that will satisfy even the most demanding 500 Series modules. The Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack features a complete linear power supply consisting of a mains transformer and linear regulators. This topology yields the cleanest power to your modules. Usually linear power supplies can't deliver high output currents, but Fredenstein Bento 8 outputs +/-16V DC 2A and +48V DC 0.25A, 500mA per slot, that's ample power for the most demanding 500 series modules! Another drawback of linear supplies is that they are prone to introduce hum magnetically from the mains transformer directly into input and output transformer inside modules, especially when plugged into the slot closest to the supply. The Fredenstein Bento 8 incorporates extensive magnetic shielding of the mains transformer to eliminate induced hum.

Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack Features

  • Built-in Audio Routing (Modules can be daisy-chained by simply flipping switches on the back-panel)
  • Compressor buss linking (Compressor modules can be linked by engaging switches on the back-panel as well)
  • Ground-lift switch (In case of ground loops, the audio ground and the protective ground can be disconnected)

Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 117.5V or 235V (Country Specific) +/- 8%
  • Output Voltages: +16V DC 2A, -16V DC 2A, +48V DC 0.25A
  • Power Consumption: max 100W
  • Dimension (W x H x D): 480mm x 140mm x 190mm19 inch, 3U
  • Weight: 6 kg (NW); 7.5 kg (GW), 13.2 lbs (NW); 16.6 lbs (GW)

Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack Includes

  • 1 x Fredenstein Bento 8 500-Series Rack
  • 1 x IEC Power Cable

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