Fredenstein Bento 6DS 500-Series Rack

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Product Code: 9999-16071
Fredenstein Bento 6DS
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Fredenstein Bento 6DS 500-Series Rack

The Fredenstein Bento 6DS 500-Series Rack is the ultimate 500-Series portable module carrier for Fredenstein modules or API-500 compatible modules

The Bento 6DS can accept a maximum of 6 modules. Its internal power supply does not need any "wall-warts", just a standard IEC power cord. The Bento 6DS features several important upgrades compared with 500 racks.

Universal internal power-supply
Mains voltages range from 90 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz.

Output Currents
+/-16V DC 1.5A and +48V DC 0.2A (500mA per slot). At Fredenstein, we take power supplies seriously and these are exceptionally reliable, solid and low noise (including rail voltages, magnetic radiation, and RF radiation). Our supplies are also designed to handle heavy capacitive loads that can cause other racks problems.

Color LCD Display
Monitors the power-supply status including voltages, currents and temperature. If certain Fredenstein modules are used, like F600A, F601A, F602, F603A/B, and the F607, all operating parameters of these modules are displayed on the screen as well.

Auxiliary Audio Inputs/Outputs and built-in Audio Routing
Modules can be daisy-chained by simply using the menu on the LCD display. Compressor buss linking: Compressor modules can be linked by using the menu as well. This is very handy because different compressors generally have different link standards.

Multi-Layer Backplane
Increased signal integrity and lower noise floor. Gold contact connectors. Solid mechanical construction and precision metalwork.

Ground-lift switch
In case of ground loops, the audio ground and the protective ground can be disconnected. Please use only if absolutely necessary .

Fredenstein Bento 6DS 500-Series Rack Features

  • 6-slot 500 Series r
  • Onboard audio routing
  • Compressor bus linkingack
  • LCD display
  • Auxiliary audio inputs and outputs
  • Multi-layer backplane
  • Ground-lift switch

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