Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack

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Fredenstein Bento 10S
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Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack

The Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack is a high-performance 500-Series chassis that accommodates 10 modules in a 3-space 19-inch rackmount form factor. Designed for your studio and recording setup, it gives you the power, performance, and features you need in a 500-Series rack.

The Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack is a high performance module carrier for Fredenstein Series 500 modules or API-500 compatible plug-in cards in two space 19 inch rack format. The unit accepts a maximum of 10 modules. The Bento 10S power supply is also designed for extremely low noise largely due to state of the art switching regulators that operate above 200 kHz, which is typically higher in frequency than most conventional switching regulators. They also follow “green” guidelines that minimize power consumption to only what is needed. Other features include the capability to drive very large capacitive loads. Most other switching supplies might oscillate if presented with large capacitors to charge. The Fredenstein Bento 10S ramps up in a controlled manner (typically 0.2 seconds). Also unlike most +/- switching regulators, both the +16Vand -16V are regulated independently and provide separate over current protection.

The Fredenstein Bento 10S features several important upgrades compared with third party products:

  • Universal power supply: accepting mains voltages from 90V AC to 240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz.
  • Increased output currents: +-16V DC 3.2A and +48V DC 0.3A
  • Built-in Audio Routing: Modules can be daisy-chained by simply flipping switches on the back-panel.
  • Compressor buss linking: Compressor modules can be linked by engaging switches on the back-panel as well.
  • Multi-Layer Backplane: Increased signal integrity and lower noise floor.
  • Ground-lift switch: In case of ground loops, the audio ground and the protective ground can be disconnected. Please use only if absolutely necessary.

Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack Features

  • 19-inches, 3U Space
  • 10 Slots
  • Advanced Routing
  • Universal Power Supply (90Vac to 240Vac, 50Hz to 60Hz)
  • Low Noise Floor
  • Ground Lift Switch

Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 90V AC to 240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Output Voltages: +16V DC 3.0A, -16V DC 3.0A, +48V DC 0.25A
  • Power Consumption: max. 150W
  • Dimension (L x H x D): 480mm x 140mm x 190mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg (NW) ; 6.0kg (GW)

Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack Includes

  • 1 x Fredenstein Bento 10S 500-Series Rack
  • 1 x IEC Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

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  • 5
    Best 500 Series Chasis I've seen

    I've been extremely happy this this 10 space chasis. It replaced a Lindell 506 (which I'll be keeping for future modules) and so far has worked flawlessly. The build quality is great. I have it filled with 6 Classic API modules and 1 AML 1073 and all modules work perfectly. I've never seen another chassis that offers this much power, with this much I/O at this price. My only complaint is that I don't care for the gold/copper-ish color, but really, that's not important in the end. Do yourself a favor and seriously consider this over other 500 series racks.

  • 5
    Great rack for the money, or just great in general

    So far, I love this 10 space rack. It fits great in my main rack, and really helps to keep things clean looking. They included screws for the 500 modules, which is very convenient and helps keep installations clean and consistent looking. One thing I would change if possible is that the power switch is on the back, which is a bit of a pain, since I have to reach around my main rack enclosure to turn it on, but whatever, this is still the best deal out there. The link switches work great too, saves me on patch cables. Not many racks in this price range feature this. So far I have only filled up three of the slots, but so far so good. Makes me want to fill this baby up with more modules! If you plan on growing your studio, this 10 space rack is a very cost effective way to power your 500 series modules. Even though it is cost effective, it is well built.