Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer Expander

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Product Code: 9999-09767
Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer Expander
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Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer Expander

The Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer Expander will allow the mixing of 32-Channels or more (with more Expanders!) when combined with the Chandler Limited Mini Mixer.

Together, these two units make a compelling and space saving mixer for studios moving from full sized mixers into more of a hybridized setup with a DAW, but where you still need enough channels to monitor the outputs of your 2-inch machine. Each channel is transformer balanced and driven by the New Chandler Line Amp, which borrows from Chandler's other products but has been redesigned for use in mixer and expander. Like the Mini Mixer, the Expander is full of discrete amps and classic sound. There are 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom wound transformers in the unit. It therefore delivers all the punch and tone you need for today's digital environment.

The Chandler Limited Mini Mixer Expander is just an additional 16-Channel's of the mixer section and therefore does not contain the Control Room section (Talkback, Speaker Switching, Mute, Mono, Dim, External input, or separate Control Room and Stereo Buss outs). Contact Front End Audio to build your system!

Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer Expander Features

  • Channel Volume: Each control is push/pull to mute the channel
  • Channel Pan: Toggle switch disconnects pan pot to allow for true centering, like on a vintage API or Neve.
  • Linkage: Outputs for linking into the External In of the Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer

Special Note

All Mixer units require and function via the Chandler Limited PSU-2 power supply.

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