Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter

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Chandler Limited TG1
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Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter

The Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter is a re-creation of the TG12413 Limiter found in custom EMI and Abbey Road consoles used on classic albums from the 1960's!

These rare pieces were never commercially available, and only EMI owned studios had access to them. The TG1 Limiter was originally designed to be like the Fairchild 660/670 which was loved by many EMI engineers including Geoff Emerick, but it ended up with its own very special sound. TG equipment was used on many classic records. The Limiter was featured on every channel of TG consoles used to record The Beatles "Abbey Road" and Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon," in addition to albums by Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones.

The Limiter/Compressor features an all discrete circuit with transformer balanced input and output. The limiting element is a rarely seen diode network that produces smooth, pleasing distortion. The warm open sound, often compared to a Fairchild 670 set to stun, is very audible and squishy sounding while maintaining its clarity and high frequency response.

Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter Features

  • Stereo/Dual Mono Switch
  • THD Switch: Allows bypassing the compressor / limiter threshold but leaves all the circuits in the signal path, turning the unit into a powerful Harmonic Distortion generator capable of kicking out more than 2% Total Harmonic Distortion.
  • Hold Control: This control functions as input gain and threshold, like an 1176. Crank this up and adjust the output to really hear it work.
  • Output Switch: A 21-position switch set to 1dB steps giving +/-10dB of output adjustment for level matching, recallability, and accurate gain make up.
  • Comp/Limit Switch: This switch selects between functions of the unit. The limiter has a classic pumping and breathing sound, while the compressor has a squishy sound that is less drastic and all its own.
  • Recovery Control: Attack in limit mode 8ms charging time; attack in compress mode 47ms charging time. Recovery in limit mode 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, & 2 seconds. Recovery in compress mode 0.25, 0.5, 1.2, 2.5, 5, & 10 seconds.

Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter Specifications

  • CHANNELS: Stereo / Dual Mono
  • CIRCUIT: Discrete, Transistor
  • I/O: XLR - All Connections Transformer Balanced Pin 2 Hot
  • POWER: ±28v - Requires Chandler Limited PSU-1 MKII power supply (purchased separately)

Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter Ijncludes

  • TG1 Limiter/Compressor Unit
  • Manual & Literature
  • Cable to connect to PSU (Chandler Limited PSU-1 MKII power supply purchased separately)

What We Think

The Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter is truly awe-inspiring to hear. A good deal more explosive (aggressive) sounding than its big brother - the Chandler Limited TG12413 Zener Limiter - the TG1 faithfully delivers the compressor circuit found in the TG12345 consoles which EMI first bowed in 1969 - in time for The Beatles to record their album Abbey Road through what later became known as "The Mark I" console (light grey face-plating). The TG1 makes itself at home in most any mix. However, we've found it to be especially welcome and extremely helpful when compressing drum room microphones, acoustic guitars, and pretty much anything that could use some seriously vintage vibe. While not a tube (valve) compressor, the TG1 definitely provides tones which might fool many gear-heads. There's something magically refined yet wild which happens when this unit gets pushed. The result sounds like the most luscious and musical sounding crunching of gravel that you can imagine - perfect in parallel or even as a featured "cartoon-compression" effect. Still, the TG1 performs admirably at its designed function - limiting that which needs limiting.

So, let's really consider the TG1. It's a limiter which has character delivered on steroids. So, that's a definite plus. But a potential negative is that it remains true to the original in that it does not have a High-Pass-Sidechain function for the detector circuit. Still, if you need that, then we'll refer you to the Chandler Limited TG12413 Zener Limiter which is a bit more mellow, but has a considerable bit more control. So, the TG1 might be a bit more at home for mixing / tracking engineers who are looking to handle individual elements or subgroups over tackling the main mix, itself - at least in regards to a "modern mix" where there is need for a lot of height to the mix as well as low frequency punch and impact. But where old-school mix vibe is concerned, the TG1 will handle those duties with aplomb. Sonically, the Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter is as impressive as they come. And it's an understatement to say that the TG1 will lend some serious mojo to your tracks.

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