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The Buzz Audio MA-2.2B Preamp is a truly magical sounding microphone preamplifier that proves clean does not need to sound clinical.

The circuitry used in the MA-2.2B preamp was developed by Buzz Audio designer Tim Farrant in the 1990's and was dubbed "True Class A". The resulting BE40 series of amplifiers exhibit very wide frequency response (into the mega-hertz ) and ultra fast slew rates (140V/uS) even at 60dB of gain. These attributes, plus the inherently low distortion provide the exceptionally pure top end sound of the MA-2.2B. In addition, the over engineered power supply design with localized Class A regulators for each amplifier stage supplies the grunt needed for an authoritive and accurate bottom end - it sounds tight and never over blown. Instead of an input transformer we use a stack of Wima film capacitors and these do not exhibit the low frequency phase problems associated with transformers, and sound MUCH better than polarized capacitors found in competing high end products.

Buzz Audio MA-2.2B Preamp Features

  • Functions are now controlled with illuminated push button switches with "clickless" operation, no more thumps on the output.
  • The gain pot has been replaced with a calibrated 24 position Elma switch for accurate stereo matching between channels.
  • We have added a useful 19 segment peak output level meter.
  • But, the original audio and power supply design of the MA-2.2 has been retained.

Buzz Audio MA-2.2B Preamp Specifications

  • Minimum Gain; +14dB (-6dB with pad in)
  • Maximum Gain; +66dB
  • Maximum Output Level; +24dBu unbalanced.
  • Frequency Response; 2Hz to 250kHz @ 20dB gain (-3dB).
  • 20Hz to 250kHz @ 65dB gain (-3dB).
  • Harmonic Distortion; less than 0.008% 100Hz to 10kHz.
  • Slew Rate; typically 140 V/uS, @ +20dBu output level.
  • Equivalent Input Noise; -133.5dB A wtg, 150ohm source Z.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio; -74dBu A wtg, input shorted.
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection; 100Hz-80dB, 1kHz -80dB, 10kHz-70dB (internally trimmed).
  • Channel to Channel Crosstalk; below noise.
  • Input Impedance; 3k ohms/1k2 ohms switchable.
  • Indicators; 19 segment peak level output meter. Power On LED.
  • Connectors; Input-XLR3F, Out on 1/4" jack and XLR3M.
  • Size; 1 Unit rack mount, (482Wx44Hx300D).
  • Weight; 7kg.
  • Power requirements; 230V/115V selectable.
  • Specifications are typical of a production unit and are subject to change without notice. 0dBu reference = 0.775 volts RMS

Buzz Audio MA-2.2B Preamp Includes

  • MA-2.2B Preamp
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

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