We had a RAD visit with Mark Williams at Front End Audio

We had a RAD visit with Mark Williams at Front End Audio

By Front End Audio on Sep 19th 2022

We had a RAD visit with Mark Williams at Front End Audio

This month, Executive Vice President at RAD Distribution Mark Williams visited us here at Front End Audio for a full day of training on a selection of popular products from their brands including the  Avantone Gauss 7 MonitorsHeritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer and HEDD HEDDphones Headphones. We also went over other amazing gear from AvantoneHeritage Audio and Black Lion.

We had the chance to try a few of these things out and take them for a spin. Check out the videos and get our thoughts on a few of the products below.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-888-228-4530. We’re here to help.

Heritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer

So what is the MotorCity EQ? It's a faithful recreation of the iconic and ultra-rare Motown EQs owned by the legendary engineer Michael Brauer. Heritage Audio bought one of the units from Michael Brauer’s collection and modeled the unmistakable warm signature sound that makes the MotorCity EQ as classic as the countless hits it has been heard on. It’s smooth, musical and lush – elevating and enhancing anything run through it. 

Avantone Gauss 7 Monitors

Avantone did a great job with the Gauss 7 Studio Monitors. In our opinion, these are one of the best deals available for a pair of studio monitors under $1,000. The Gauss 7 monitors are super detailed in the mids and highs, yet smooth and easy to work with for long periods of time thanks to their custom AMT tweeter. They’re fast and snappy with great punch in the low mids – you might be surprised at the low end they offer from the 7" woofer. We use them often to A/B in the studio. Highly recommended. 

HEDD HEDDphones Headphones

The HEDD HEDDphone headphones are serious reference grade headphones, designed for critical listening. Yet they can easily be used for general purpose enjoyment. The balanced, detailed, and full ranged sound is elevated by their rich musical vibe that makes the listening experience nothing short or down right enjoyable. There's no worry of ear fatigue or loss of definition and honesty with these headphones. If you want the crème de la crème of reference class headphones for all listening needs, the HEDD HEDDPhones are definitely ones to look into.

United UT FET47

The United Studio Technologies UT FET47 is a very nice balance between the modern and the vintage. What you get is that classic K47 EQ curvature, but with a very clean and almost transparent character. So it is clean, glassy, detailed, and full ranged, but with a nice big bottom end with plenty of depth. This unique take on the U47 voicing makes the UT FET47 great for vocal and voice over, as well as stringed acoustic instruments. The FET design allows for a virtually zero self noise microphone that will capture the sound source wonderfully, no matter how quiet it might be. The United Studio Technologies UT FET47 is definitely the definition of bang for the buck.

United UT Twin87 Microphone

The United Studio Technologies Twin87 is a very cool microphone. What makes this so versatile is the fact that it clones the character and vibe of both the more charactered vintage U87, and the modern more balanced U87Ai. While utilizing the same capsule, the two different circuits are actually set on two different internal headamp boards, that terminate to the same custom transformer. So when you switch between the two modes, you are going through completely different circuitry. Using this mic on all vocals, voice overs, acoustic stringed instruments, and even drum overhead and room, will yield great results. United Studio Technologies outdid themselves here.

Golden Age COMP-3A Compressor

The Golden Age COMP-3A is a one channel compressor/leveler based on the classic LA-3A from Teletronix. The ease of use with only two main controls (Peak Reduction and Gain) makes it very simple to achieve the desired sound. The HF control can be used to make the compressor more sensitive to mid and high frequency content. The original LA-3A has been a favorite among studio engineers for many years. The Golden Age COMP-3A is a modern version of the classic at a very affordable price point!

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