AKG Drum Set Concert I Drum Microphone Set


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The AKG Drum Set Concert I Drum Microphone Set offers you seven microphones and accessories packed into a durable aluminum carrying case, so you have everything you need to capture a complete drum kit, or mic bass and guitar amps, percussion, woodwinds and other instruments.

The AKG Drum Set Concert I Drum Microphone Set provides a complete collection of mics designed to withstand even the toughest stage environments. The collection features the latest version of the legendary D112 MKII bass drum mic, the compact C430 overhead mic, and the popular D40 drum microphone. Each features high maximum SPL handling and rugged metal casing to ensure great sound, night after night.

AKG D112 MKII Bass Drum Microphone
The AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Microphone features a new integrated flexible mount, while retaining all the sonic strengths that have made it's predecessor the industry-standard. Over the years the AKG D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best bass drum microphones ever made, for its high SPL capability, punchy EQ and bulletproof construction. The D112 MKII can handle more than 160 dB SPL without distortion. Its large diaphragm has a very low resonance frequency that delivers a solid and powerful response below 100 Hz. Its authoritative low end is complemented by a narrow-band presence boost at 4 kHz that punches through even dense mixes and loud stage volumes with forceful impact. One of the many reasons artists and sound engineers love the AKG D112 MKII is that it requires no additional EQ to sound just right as soon as you bring up the fader. Further refining its performance, the AKG D112 MKII features an integrated hum-compensation coil that keeps noise to an absolute minimum. In addition to being an exceptional bass drum mic on stage and in the studio, the AKG D112 MKII is an excellent choice for miking electric bass cabinets and trombones.

AKG C430 Overhead Microphone
The AKG C430 professional condenser microphone is specifically designed for cymbal and overhead miking. The frequency response of the C430 ensures a uniquely crisp sound which often reduces the need for external EQs. With its extremely compact external dimensions, the C430 microphone will keep a low profile in any application without compromising audio quality.

AKG D40 Drum Microphone
The AKG D40 professional instrumental microphone with its solid all-metal body will stand up to the hardships of night-after-night onstage use with a smile. Its patented Varimotion diaphragm uses a unique laminated material to damp high resonance peaks, leading to a quantum leap in audio performance. The transducer is protected by a sturdy wire-mesh cap and can take extremely high sound pressure levels with ease. An integrated stand adapter in combination with the included H440 mounting bracket makes the D40 a highly versatile tool for use on drums, percussion, wind instruments and guitar amps.

AKG Drum Set Concert I Drum Microphone Set Features

  • Overall Features
    • Complete drum kit microphone pack including five dynamic and two condenser overhead microphones for an array of applications
    • Microphones optimally tuned to work in harmony
    • All microphone clamps and stand adapters for quick and easy set up
    • Roadworthy, rugged aluminum carrying case offering portable protection to store microphones and accessories
  • AKG D112 MKII Bass Drum Microphone
    • Integrated flexible mount makes it even more versatile
    • Bass resonance volume chamber for unique, punchy sound
    • Large diaphragm dynamic microphone delivers accurate low frequencies
    • Integrated hum-compensation coil keeps noise to an absolute minimum
    • Industry benchmark for bass drum microphone used on stages worldwide for over 30 years
  • AKG C430 Overhead Microphone
    • Extremely compact dimensions - low profile for critical, optically demanding situations
    • Cardioid condenser capsule for detailed pickup of unique individual timbres
    • Genuine AKG capsule for the legendary sound
    • Phantom or battery powering options - works with 9-52V phantom power
  • AKG D40 Drum Microphone
    • Dual-thickness Varimotion diapraghm provides crisp, powerful sound in all frequency ranges
    • Highest sound pressure levels up to 156dB for extreme situations without any distortion
    • Cardioid polar pattern for trouble-free use in narrow stage environments
    • Rugged wire-mesh cap and sturdy die-cast metal body withstand tough day-by-day stage use
    • Integrated stand adapter and external bracket for easy mounting on drums and mic stands

AKG Drum Set Concert I Drum Microphone Set Specifications

  • AKG D112 MKII Bass Drum Microphone:
    • General Specs:
      • Capsule: Dynamic Microphone Capsule
      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 20 - 17000 Hz
      • Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD: > 160 dB (Calculated)
      • Electrical Impedance: 210 Ohms
      • Recommended Load Impedance: = 2000 Ohms
      • Sensitivity: 1.8 mV/Pa (-55 dBV)
      • Audio Output: Balanced XLR, Male, 3-Pin
      • Temperature Range: -10 °C to +60 °C (14 °F - 140 °F)
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 115 mm (4.53 in.)
      • Height: 126 mm (4.96 in.)
      • Diameter: 70 mm
    • Net Weight (Mic Only): 300 g (10.6 oz.)
  • AKG C430 Overhead Microphone:
    • General Specs:
      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 20 - 20000 Hz
      • Equivalent Noise Level: 33 dB-A
      • Sensitivity: 7 mV/Pa
      • Signal to Noise: 61 dB-A
      • Electrical Impedance: 200 Ohms
      • Recommended Load Impedance: 2000 Ohms
    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 79 mm
      • Diameter: 19 mm
      • Net Weight: 23 g
    • Design:
      • Body: Metal
      • Finish: Matte Black
    • Audio Output:
      • Type: Balanced XLR
      • Gender: Male
      • Contacts: 3-Pin
    • Powering Interface:
      • Voltage: 9 to 52 V
      • Current: 2 mA
  • AKG D40 Drum Microphone:
    • General Specs:
      • Type: Dynamic Pressure Gradient Microphone
      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 50 - 20000 Hz
      • Sensitivity at 1000 Hz: 2.5 mV/Pa (–52 dBV re 1 V/Pa)
      • Equivalent Noise Level: 18 dB(A) (IEC 60268-4)
      • Max. SPL for 1 % / 3 % THD: 147 dB SPL / 156 dB SPL
      • Electrical Impedance at 1000 Hz: = 600 Ohms
      • Recommended Load Impedance: = 2000 Ohms
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 104 mm
      • Height: 79 mm
      • Diameter: 44 mm
      • Net Weight: 245 g
    • Design:
      • Body: Metal
      • Finish: Dark Stage Blue
    • Audio Output:
      • Type: Balanced XLR
      • Gender: Male
      • Contacts: 3-Pin

AKG Drum Set Concert I Drum Microphone Set Includes

  • AKG D112 MKII Bass Drum Microphone
  • 2x AKG C430 Overhead Microphones
  • 4x AKG D40 Drum Microphones
  • Aluminum Carrying Case
  • H440 Adapter Plate
  • Stand Adapter
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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