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The WesAudio RHEA 500-Series Compressor is a fully analog, stereo vari-mu tube compressor with digital recall.

Since digital footprint became part of the modern age, analog flavor was demanded more than ever. It is hard to imagine more musical and rich sounding compression than vari-mu desgin. This time ng500 line presents RHEA – most noble of all, where modern age meets vintage, literally.

RHEA is true tube compressor, where gain reduction is literally implemented via tube circuit. As vari-mu design is feed backward compression, its behavior is known for amazing musical results!

To properly integrate tubes into modern audio levels, just before signal is passed to the tubes, transformers are doing its magic! And that strongly emphasize the low end!

With MIX knob at your disposal, parallel compression has never been simpler to achieve! With RHEA your MIX setting can be automated in your DAW. Did You ever wanted to push your compressor harder in chorus? Nothing simpler! Just record automation using touch sensitive encoder, or draw your automation lines in DAW!

THD stands for “Total harmonic distortion” and it allows to saturate your signal with beautiful analog color.

Even using RHEA as pure analog signal processor you can easily switch between two parallel settings with a magic of a simple buttons.

WesAudio RHEA 500-Series Compressor Features

  • 100% analog device with +24dBu of headroom
  • True stereo tube “vari-mu” style compressor
  • High voltage tube operation
  • Interstage CARNHILL transformers
  • Input and output level control for maximum flexibility
  • Mix knob for parallel compression
  • THD – harmonic distortion with two modes (Medium & High)
  • SIDE CHAIN FILTERS – 3 high pass filters at 60,90 and 150 Hz
  • 500 series and ng500 (e.g. _TITAN) series compatible
  • Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs.
  • Analog automation in DAW

WesAudio RHEA 500-Series Compressor Specifications

  • Frequency response: 10Hz-150kHz (-3dB)
  • THD+N < 0.03% (1kHz,0dBu) – no compression
  • THD+N >= 1% – at maximum compression level
  • Input impedance: 20kohm
  • Output impedance: < 100ohm
  • Max signal level: +24dBu
  • Crosstalk:< -80dB
  • THD (MID switch): 1%
  • THD (HIGH switch): 3%
  • Attack: 0.5,1,3,10,30,50 (ms)
  • Release: 0.1,0.3,0.6,0.9,1.8,3.6 (s)
  • SC Filter: 60,90,150 Hz
  • Power consumption: 190mA per rail
  • Dimensions : 76x133x158mm

WesAudio RHEA 500-Series Compressor Includes

  • WesAudio RHEA 500-Series Compressor
  • USB Cable
  • Manufacturer's warranty

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  • 5
    So sweet!
    Leon del Muerte

    Brings that tube brilliance that we all want. Love this thing!

  • 5
    Rhea Compressor
    Antwan H

    This Wes Audio Comp is AMAZING!! This is my first tube compressor so it took alil bit of a learning curve but it has TONS of vibe and body!!!

  • 5
    Rhea Compressor
    Antwan H

    This Wes Audio Comp is AMAZING!! This is my first tube compressor so it took alil bit of a learning curve but it has TONS of vibe and body!!!