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The WesAudio PHOEBE 500-Series Preamp is a Class A microphone preamplifier with digital recall. Features +28dbu headroom and dual Carnhill amp topology. Front panel TRS/XLR socket which supports HiZ instruments. Total recall and plugin control compatible with all DAWs.

The most noble character of microphone preamplifiers now fully integrated with digital workflow. Dual amp vintage design with most demanded modern features! We are proud to present _PHOEBE – NG500 fully analog, Class A microphone/line/instrument preamplifier with digital recall. Audio signal is processed only via analog components! At a glance:

  • +28 dBu of analog headroom: +28 dBu of analog headroom – Class A fully analog – inspired by famous British design based on dual amp topology.
  • Input and output transformers: PHOEBE is fully transformer balanced unit faithful to its vintage ancestors.
  • Plenty of GAIN!: Microphone gain up to 75dB – high gain perfect for low level microphones!
  • Recallable signal source!: Keep two source connected and easily recall via DAW plug-in between XLR Socket (LINE/MIC), or front panel XLR/TS socket (LINE/MIC/Instrument).
  • OUTPUT passive attenuation up to 15dB!: PAD – passive output attenuation circuit with 1 dB step (after the output transformer) managed via relay cascade.
  • Switchable input impedance!: Input impedance can be changed from 1200 ohm to 300 ohm for perfect integration with vintage microphones!
  • Precise signal metering!: Fully integrated with DAW plug-in – output signal metering, with CLIP detection!
  • Full remote control!: From now on You can use Your preamplifier wherever convinient and manage everythying from Your sweet spot!

WesAudio PHOEBE 500-Series Preamp Features

  • 100% analog microphone/line preamp with +28dBu of headroom.
  • Class A fully analog – inspired by famous British design based on dual amp topology.
  • Microphone gain up to 75dB.
  • Carnhill Transformers (input and output).
  • Output signal metering on the front panel with clip detection.
  • Phantom power and phase invert control.
  • Switchable impedance input (1200/300Ohm).
  • All controls/analog settings are fully manageable via the WesAudio GCon DAW plug-in.
  • 15dB OUTPUT PAD – passive output attenuation circuit with 1 dB step. (after the output transformer).
  • Front panel XLR/TS socket which supports – HiZ instrument input (TS), line input (XLR), microphone input (XLR).
  • Recallable signal source to be either back XLR Socket, or front panel XLR/TS socket.
  • 500 series and ng500 (e.g. _TITAN) series compatible.
  • Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs.
  • Analog automation in DAW.

WesAudio PHOEBE 500-Series Preamp Specifications

  • Frequency response: +/- 0.5dB 20Hz-20kHz; -3dB at 50kHz
  • Distortion: 0.005% at 1kHz at +20dBu output
  • Line input impedance: 5.5k ohm bridging
  • Microphone input impedance: 300/1200 ohm
  • Noise: unity gain (better than -100dbU) Max gain +75dB (better than -70dbU)
  • EIN: better than -120dB
  • Max power consumption: 170mA(+16V); 100mA(-16V)
  • Dimensions: 38x133x145mm

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