Waves JJP Drums Plug-In

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Waves JJP Drums
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Waves JJP Drums Plug-In

Waves JJP Drums Plug-In is a all-in-one multi-effect plugin for drums created in collaboration with producer / mixer Jack Joseph Puig. JJP's Grammy award-winning sound - instantly!

Waves JJP Drums Plug-In Details

Jack Joseph Puig on Waves JJP Drums: "There are certain things you usually just take for granted when you're mixing drums. Sure, the snare has to snap. Or maybe you want it to have a woodier sound. The bass drum has to have a nice bottom. But beyond that, there's a whole other range of things you need to consider to really make the song come alive. Maybe there;s some tonality in the drum kit that you want to emphasize. How do the drums relate to the rest of the song? And once you figure all that out-how do you get there? Well, what's really great is, JJP Drums is a plugin that can do it all."

Waves JJP Drums Plug-In Features

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Waves JJP Drums Plug-In Additional Information

Each new purchase of a Waves plugin/bundle will include both Native and SoundGrid versions.
For more information on the benefits of SoundGrid and DiGiGrid as well as the most current Waves Compatibility Information and System Requirements, visit Front End Audio's Waves Resource Center.

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