Waves JJP Vocals Plug-In

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Waves JJP Vocals
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Waves JJP Vocals Plug-In

Waves JJP Vocals Plug-In is a all-in-one multi-effect plugin for vocals created in collaboration with producer / mixer Jack Joseph Puig. JJP's Grammy award-winning sound - instantly

Waves JJP Vocals Plug-In Details

Jack Joseph Puig on Waves JJP Vocals: "When I mix a vocal, my approach is intuitive and instinctive, not technical. I donâ??t think in terms of â??which delayâ?? or â??how to EQ itâ?? or â??more compressionâ?? or whatever. What concerns me is how it makes you feel. And since each singer is unique, and every song is unique, thereâ??s no single way to go about it. Is it personal, is it intimate, or is it loud and aggressive? So I do whatever it takes to make sure the vocal is open, sits well in the mix and, most importantly, helps convey the message of the song. JJP Vocals helps get you there."

Waves JJP Vocals Plug-In Features

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