Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand


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The Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand revitalizes the golden age of studio hardware, with an improved and complete redesign of the classic Model 180 boom system created by George Starbird.

The Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand is literally raising the bar and expanding the reach of the studio boom system. There is no other stand on the market that can touch its height or wingspan. Anyone knowledgeable of the golden age of audio recording know George Starbird's legendary Model 180 studio boom stand has earned a place alongside the most revered vintage analog microphones, consoles and outboard gear of the era. With the Model 180 as the inspiration, Triad-Orbit teamed up with Manley Laboratories Inc. to recreate this standard. The new Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand is a complete redesign of the Model 180, with unique proprietary and innovative updates on the recording industry's largest and most respected studio boom stand.

Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand Features

  • T.A.F. System - Pneumatic auto lift
  • StarBase Retractable Leg System
  • BoomStop Safety Lock - Pin locking mechanism
  • VariBal - Counter Ballast System
  • Triad-Orbit IO Quick-Change compatible
  • Thicker 2mm 6063 T5 Aluminum tubes
  • All swivel parts, clutches and base can retrofit onto current legacy Starbirds

Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand Specifications

  • Stand Height Range: 1.6 m / 63 in -2.6 m / 102 in
  • Boom Length Range: 1.4 m / 55 in - 2.5 m / 98 in
  • Base Footprint Range: 46 cm / 18 in - 98 cm / 38 in
  • Stand Weight: 30 kg / 66 lb

Triad-Orbit Starbird Studio Boom Stand Includes

  • Starbird Studio Boom Stand
  • One Year Warranty (Extendable to 3 Years with Registration)

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