Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk

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Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk
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Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk

The Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk is a secure support platform for devices, including laptops, mixers and power supplies. Featuring a sturdy aluminum baseplate, the IO-Desk easily supports the weight of your devices while you perform.

The Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk is built with a sturdy 2mm aluminum deck equipped with (180) 3/8-in. and (4) 5/8-in. threaded mounting holes and corresponding device fasteners. The Triad-Orbit IO-Desk mounts to both traditional 5/8-in. mounting threads and IO-equipped support systems via the included IO-H mounting head and music stand adaptor plate.

Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk Features

  • Perfect platform for securing your devices while you perform
  • 2mm Aluminum platform is durable and large enough for laptops and other devices
  • Equipped with 180 3/8" threaded mounting holes
  • Device fasteners keep your devices in place
  • Comes equipped with music stand adaptor plate and IO-H mounting head

Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk Specifications

  • Material: 2mm Aluminum
  • Mounting Holes: (180) 3/8", (4) 5/8"
  • Locking Fasteners: (2) 5/8"
  • Laptop Fasteners: (2) 3/8"
  • Power Supply Fasteners: (2) 3/8"
  • Dimensions: 46cm / 18.11" x 312cm / 12.2"

Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Device Desk Includes

  • 1 x Perforated Aluminum Mounting Surface
  • 1 x IO-H Mounting Head
  • 1 x Music Stand Adaptor Plate
  • 2 x Locking Fasteners
  • 2 x Laptop Fasteners
  • 2 x Power Supply Fasteners
  • 1 Year Warranty

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