Triad-Orbit IO-RA Coupler

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Triad-Orbit IO-RA Coupler

The Triad-Orbit IO-RA Coupler reduces the weight of the original IO-R by 50% at 50% of the price. As a result, the IO-RA is the perfect choice for live sound applications.

IO-RA is the aluminum version of Triad-Orbit’s groundbreaking IO-R quick-change coupler. IO-RA retrofit couplers are 50% lighter than the original steel IO-R—a major consideration for live sound/production applications. IO-RA retrofit couplers also cost 50% less than IO-R, making them affordable to everyone. Every IO-RA is loaded with an IO-H1 hex mounting head.

Triad-Orbit IO-RA Coupler Features

  • 50% lighter than the original steel IO-R
  • 50% less cost than IO-R to produce

Triad-Orbit IO-RA Coupler Includes

  • IO-RA Coupler
  • IO-H1 hex mounting head
  • Warranty

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