500-Series Equalizers

Front End Audio sells a variety of 500-Series Equalizers and 500-Series EQ Modules designed to provide you with powerful and precise sound shaping capabilities, perfect for recording, mixing and mastering. In the world of pro audio processing, the 500-Series Equalizers have become an indispensable tool for producers, engineers, and musicians alike. These compact modules offer a wide range of tonal shaping capabilities with uncompromising precision and versatility. With their modular design and standardized format, these equalizers have revolutionized the way professionals approach audio signal processing. One of the key advantages of the 500-Series Equalizers is their compact size. Measuring only half a rack space in width, these modules are easy to fit into any studio setup or live sound environment. This portability allows for seamless integration with other outboard gear or into existing mixing consoles without taking up valuable desk space.