Great River Harrison 32EQ 500-Series EQ

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The Great River Harrison 32EQ is a 500-series version of the EQ and filters from the renowned Harrison 32 Series consoles. The 32EQ incorporates the original specifications and with support directly from the original designers at Harrison Consoles it is guaranteed that the prized characteristics of the original were maintained in the new design.

The Harrison 32-Series console was the world's first 32-bus "inline" recording consoles. They became a staple among recording studios and were the basis for many console designs (Harrison and otherwise) that followed. Countless hit records were produced on Harrison consoles during the birth of modern pop productions, including Abba, Sade, Queen, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. The 32C console was used by Bruce Swedien in the recording and mixing of Michael Jackson's Thriller, the best-selling album of all time.

Gary Thielman said, "For many years, Harrison has had requests for our prized analog products in a smaller form-factor. During that time, we kept hearing great things about Dan Kennedy and Great River Electronics. Their products are superbly made and they are as fanatically supportive towards their customers as we are to our own. We realized that we had an opportunity to launch a product that the world has been requesting, while continuing forward with our passion which is building large-format consoles."

The Harrison 32EQ is a parametric, four band equalizer of proprietary design with a design history going back to the highly respected Harrison Consoles. This 500 series module also includes the parametric, second order high-pass and low-pass filters made famous in the 32 series consoles.

The proprietary design of the equalization stages allows full reciprocal operation of the boost/cut controls both as to frequency and to phase response. Special circuitry automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth under all conditions. Continuously variable frequency selection and boost or cut amount provides proper equalization for almost any desired effect.

The high band HI extends from 800 Hz to 16 kHz. The two mid-ranges MID are overlapping; one extends from 400 Hz to 8 kHz while the other goes from 200 Hz to 4 kHz. The low range LO covers 40 Hz to 800 Hz. Additionally, the low and high ranges are selectable to be either shelving or peaking. The mid-ranges are peaking. There is an in/out IN switch for the four bands of boost/cut equalization.

The parametric high-pass and low-pass filters have 12dB per octave cut off characteristics. They are of an all electronic design, and contain no inductors. The high-pass filter has a range of 25 Hz to 2.75 kHz and the low-pass filter extends from 160 Hz to 20 kHz. Continuously variable HP and LP controls allow both subtle corrections as well as special effects. There is a separate in switch for the filters so that they can be inserted into the signal path independently of the equalizer.

The Equalizer is a unity gain design, delivering excellent noise and headroom performance. And the Great River Harrison 32EQ, like all Great River and Harrison products, is designed and built in the USA.

Great River Harrison 32EQ Features

  • Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, and High EQ bands with Gain and Frequency controls
  • Low and High Band "peaking" switches
  • EQ in/out switch
  • Harrison's renowned High- and Low-pass filters with sweepable frequency
  • Filter in/out switch
  • An Internal jumper provides selection of the "vintage" feedback design, or a non-feedback option

Great River Harrison 32EQ Includes

  • Great River Harrison 32EQ module
  • User Guide / Owners Manual

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  • 5
    Tweekabilty Mastered
    Brandon Isaak

    The Harrison 32EQ is awesome. I like it better than SSL's 500 series EQ. It's got all the features you need for an EQ. If this can't carve your signal into what you want, I don't know what will. Granted, it's not going to impart the mojo of a Neve or Putec, but that's not it's game. This is like having ProQ3 as a hardware device. And if you need more than 4 bands, maybe you should consider mic placement instead. Cheers!

  • 5
    Harrison EQ 500

    The best eq ever!!! It’s so easy to dial in what’s needed....awesome eq!

  • 5
    Harrison EQ 500

    The best eq ever!!! It’s so easy to dial in what’s needed....awesome eq!

  • 5
    Great River 32 EQ 500-series
    Dave Wills

    Purchased this EQ to use on my vocal with a Lawson 47MP (a little wooly). *Great* results! I'm lovin' the high pass filter....not many 500-series pre's will allow a HP cutoff of 220Hz (in my case) and beyond. Front End Audio guys were perfect.