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Steven Slate Drums

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The Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software is a game-changer for music production. With 148 meticulously crafted artist and legendary drum kit presets, over 2,400 MIDI grooves, and unmatched versatility spanning genres from rock to jazz, the SSD 5 offers limitless creative possibilities. Elevate your sound with Steven's renowned samples, shaping your tracks with character and depth.

The Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software is a comprehensive tool that redefines drum production with its array of features and capabilities. Boasting an impressive collection of 148 meticulously designed drum kit presets, meticulously modeled after famous artists and legendary drum sounds, this software is a treasure trove of sonic possibilities.

Every Drum Sound Under The Sun
No other drum plugin has the range and versatility of the Steven Slate Drums SSD 5. With tons of legendary and artist-modeled drum kits in every style, your creative options are limitless. Whether you’re into rock, metal, jazz, funk, R&B, indie, reggae, or experimental, the Steven Slate Drums 5 has you covered.

New Samples & MIDI Grooves
The Steven Slate Drums SSD 5.5 adds tons of new kits and samples, including Steven’s previously unreleased OG one-shot samples that started his career. With over 2,400 MIDI grooves and over 400 instruments, you can quickly get the perfect drum sound and groove. Now, you even have the option to import 3rd party grooves using the updated Grooves parameters. The new Smart-Velocity Triggering algorithm makes any one-shot sample blend perfectly with the rest of your kit.

Infinitely Customizable
The updated GUI in the SSD 5.5 makes customizing your drums easier than ever. You have total control over the dynamics, panning options, and ADSR settings of each instrument. Effortlessly mix ambient room mics and close mics with custom routing options. You can even change the size of the plugin.

Smarter E-Drumming
With smarter MIDI Learn & Map features, you’ll spend more time playing and less time mapping. The completely redesigned Map section lets you quickly customize your drum MIDI mappings on the fly. Editing your e-drumkit or drum pad mapping has never been easier.

Steven’s OG One-Shot Snare Samples
You’ve heard them in tons of top records and for the first time, you can use them in your songs. These are the samples that put Steven on the map. Mix these snare samples into your kits and you’ll instantly notice how much character they add. Mix and match the OG One-Shots to create custom snares Zeus himself will envy. The Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software is a game-changing tool that offers an extensive array of features designed to enhance your drum production process. From legendary kits and versatile grooves to innovative customization options, the SSD 5 is a must-have for producers and musicians aiming to create exceptional drum sounds across various genres.

Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software Contains

  • 112 Kicks
  • 135 Snares
  • 58 Toms
  • 11 Hi-Hats
  • 6 Rides
  • 14 Crashes
  • 4 Splashes
  • 3 Chinas
  • 9 Percussion
  • 4 SFX

Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software Features

  • 148 Famous Artist & Legendary Modeled Drum Kit Presets
  • Over 2,400 MIDI Grooves
  • Versatile Kits For Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Indie, Reggae, and More
  • Lightning-Fast MIDI Mapping & Learning
  • Steven’s Previously Unreleased OG One-Shot Snare Samples
  • 135 Snares, 112 Kicks, 58 Toms
  • 11 Hi-Hats, 14 Crashes, 6 Rides, 4 Splashes, 3 Chinas
  • Ultra-Sleek New Resizable GUI
  • New Smart-Velocity Triggering Algorithm for One-Shots
  • Analog Processed and Raw Samples Recorded to 2-Inch Tape
  • Import & Use 3rd Party Samples and Grooves

Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software Specifications

  • System Requirements:
    • Mac Requirements:
      • system Specification:
        • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD Equivalent
        • RAM: 4 GB
        • OS: macOS 10.10 or Later
        • DAW Compatibility: AAX, VST, AU Supporting DAW
      • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or Higher
      • Licensing: iLock Machine ID or iLock Dongle
      • Apple Silicon: M1 Compatible Across All DAWS (64 bit DAW Support Only)
    • Windows Requirements:
      • System Requirements:
        • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD Equivalent
        • RAM: 4 GB
        • OS: Windows 7 or Later
        • DAW Compatibility: AAX, VST, AU Supporting DAW
      • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or Ligher
      • Licensing: iLock Machine ID or iLock Dongle
      • Supporting DAW: 64 bit DAW Support Only

Steven Slate Drums 5 Drum Replacement Software Includes

  • Digital License

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  • 4
    So far really good
    Peter Compo

    Just used a few times, but having a blast with this software. I think you can get the sound you need with all the adjustments possible.

  • 4
    Steven Slate Drums
    Kevin Mucha

    I own these and use them. I own a smaller commercial studio but use them mostly for personal compositions. They are an absolute great writing tool. Easy to get great sounding drums up in a hurry. I've tried several others and found these to be far better. I prefer live drums in final songs but have used these to supplement on several occasions with great results. The only issue I have is I wish it was easier to pan. Doesn't seem to be possible on the mixer section. It's not really hard but doesn't seem to be as intuitive as it should. Certainly not a reason to discount these. They are certainly worth it.

  • 5
    Rockin' drums!

    I love this set! I have BFD2 along with the Joe Baressi Evil Drums, Jazz n' Funk, 8Bit Kit expansion packs, which are awesome in their own right, but it takes a lot of work to get those collections as professional sounding as these. I can quickly get an idea of what the final mix will sound like with SSD3.5. As much as I love SSD, I have a couple complaints: I haven't been impressed with the hi-hats. the detailed nuances of the hi-hat just don't sound very natural to me on V-Drums. More levels of sounds between open/closed hi-hat positions are needed. I am hoping the upcoming SSD Deluxe expansion packs improve upon the hats. My other main complaint is the interface. I much prefer the slicker BFD2 interface. I am looking forward to the Steven Slate BFD2 expansion pack (if it ever materializes) since that will give the best of both worlds. These complaints aside, this is an incredible drum program and a must own for anybody doing music production with acoustic drums!