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Steven Slate Drums

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The legendary Blackbird Studios has been the studio of choice for the industry's greatest artists, from Pearl Jam to Bruce Springsteen. Their sound is now yours! This version is for Steven Slate Drums!

With eight rooms consisting of the world's most coveted gear and musical instruments as well as fourteen hundred microphones, Blackbird has quickly become known as one of the most prestigious recording facilities in the world. In the Spring of 2014, Blackbird Founder John McBride recorded the Blackbird Drums Expansion with drummer Chris Tyrell of Lady Antebellum for the STEVEN SLATE DRUMS Virtual Instrument and TRIGGER drum replacer plugin. Utilizing three of Blackbird's classic rooms including the chambers of rooms A and D, tons of vintage mics and gear, classic drum kits from an era spanning fifty years, and of course, John's amazing engineering talent, Blackbird Drums is one of the most amazing drum libraries you'll ever experience. From vintage to modern and everything in between, Slate Drums users will savor the sounds

Steven Slate Drums Blackbird Expansion Pack Features

  • Six New Kick Drum Samples
  • Ten New Snare Samples
  • Seven New Sets of Toms
  • Two New Hi Hats
  • One New Ride
  • Four New Crashes

Steven Slate Drums Blackbird Expansion Pack Specifications

  • MAC Minimum Requirements
    • 2.2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor, 4 GB of RAM
    • Mac OS¨ X 10.6 or later
    • AU, VST, RTAS, AAX
    • Screen Resolution of 1280x1024 or higher
  • PC Minimum Requirements
    • 2.2 Intel Dual Core or AMD Processor, 4 GB of RAM
    • Windows 7¨ (32bit/64bit)
    • VST, RTAS, AAX
    • Screen Resolution of 1280x1024 or higher

Steven Slate Drums Blackbird Expansion Pack Includes

  • 01 Kicks
    • A_Kick Gretsch SS 22
    • A_Kick Ludwig BD 24
    • C_Kick Gretsch RB 22
    • C_Kick WFL Red 24
    • D_Kick Craviotto 22
    • D_Kick Gretsch CS
  • 02 Snares
    • A_Snare Brady Ply 8
    • A_Snare Joyful Noise 6.5
    • A_Snare Keplinger 6
    • C_Snare Brady Jarrah 7
    • C_Snare Joyful Noise BBS
    • D_Snare Gretsch CS
    • D_Snare Pearl Exotic 5
    • D_Snare Pearl FF 8
    • D_Snare Pearl Vector 6.5
    • D_Snare Rogers
  • 03 Toms
    • A_Tom Craviotto 09
    • A_Tom Craviotto 16
    • A_Tom Gretsch BO 10
    • A_Tom Gretsch BO 12
    • A_Tom Gretsch BO 14
    • A_Tom Slingerland RK 13
    • A_Tom Slingerland RK 16
    • C_Tom Ludwig PSY 08
    • C_Tom Ludwig PSY 09
    • C_Tom Ludwig PSY 16
    • D_Tom Gretsch CS 13
    • D_Tom Gretsch CS 16
    • D_Tom Rogers 12
    • D_Tom Rogers 14
    • D_Tom Yamaha 10
    • D_Tom Yamaha 12
    • D_Tom Yamaha 14
    • D_Tom Yamaha 16
  • 04 Hats
    • A_Hi-Hat Zildjian A
    • D_Hi-Hat Zildjian CON
  • 05 Rides
    • D_Ride Meinl BYZ 22
  • 06 Crashes
    • A_Crash Istanbul PT 18
    • A_Crash Zildjian CON 18
    • D_Crash Paiste Twenty 16
    • D_Crash Paiste Twenty 18

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  • 5
    Steven Slate = Great Stuff!!
    Nate Torri

    I think the title says it all. Some may say crap about Mr. Steven however he has a great vision and a great team!!