Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console

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Soundcraft LX7ii 32
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Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console

Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console

Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console Details

Soundcraft LX7ii 32 console is an upgraded form of hugely successful and popular Soundcraft LX7, both in terms of audio specification and cosmetics. The stylish new desk gets its looks from the highly successful and popular MH3 and MH4 touring sound consoles, and includes a new frame, module ID graphics and end-cheeks, making Soundcraft LX7ii 32 not only easy to use but creating a system that will be the envy of professionals everywhere.

Electronically, Soundcraft LX7ii 32 gains a new Soundcraft mic-preamp and EQ section, both designed by Soundcraft founder and electronics wizard Graham Blyth. Designated the GB30 Series, the new designs coincide with Soundcraft's 30 year anniversary and the new 4-band EQ with swept mid sections is based on the highly-acclaimed EQ in the new MH3 and MH4 touring consoles.

The GB30 EQ, owing its heritage to the work Soundcraft did on the new MH range, gives a steeper than usual slope on the fixed LF and HF sections, removing unwanted mid-frequency 'mush' and delivering a clearer sound. Soundcraft has a unique, cost-effective design that brings high-end EQ into an affordable mixing console for the first time.

Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console Features

  • Soundcraft LX7ii include frame sizes up to 32 mono inputs and four stereo inputs/returns with four groups, main stereo output and a dedicated mono output for centre clusters.
  • There are direct outputs on the first 16 inputs suitable for multitrack recording, and 6 auxes for flexibility for effects and foldback.
  • Soundcraft LX7ii mixes to seven outputs â?" four subgroups, plus the main Left, Right and Centre (Mono) mix outputs.
  • Soundcraft LX7ii continues in the tradition of the highly successful original LX7 in its applications in live performance PA, installed systems in churches, theatres and any similar application where a compact sized console needs to provide a large number of inputs and maximum output capability.
  • Both recording and live applications are easily satisfied by Soundcraft LX7ii 32.

Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console Specifications

  • Analogue/Digital: Analogue
  • Frame Size: 32
  • Stereo Channels: 2
  • Fixed Send Buses: 4
  • EQ Bands: 4
  • Variable Send Buses: 6
  • Returns: 4
  • Main Bus Out: LRC
  • Frequency Response: +0/-1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Mic gain min: 5dB
  • Mic gain max: 60dB
  • Input channel mic input: +15dBu max
  • Input channel line input: +30dBu max
  • Stereo inputs & insert returns: +20dBu max
  • All outputs: +20dBu max
  • Nominal operating level: 0dBu
  • Headphone power: 2 x 250mW into 200 ohms phones
  • Mic input impedance: 2 kilo ohms
  • Line input impedance: >10 kilo ohms
  • Recommended headphone impedance: 50-600 ohms
  • High pass filter (Mono input): 100Hz, 18dB per octave
  • EQ (Mono input) HF: 13kHz, +/-15dB, 2nd order shelving
  • EQ (Mono input) Hi-Mid: 550Hz-13kHz, +/-15dB, Q=1
  • EQ (Mono input) Lo-Mid: 80Hz-1.9kHz, +/-15dB, Q=1
  • EQ (Mono input) LF: 80Hz, +/-15dB, 2nd order shelving
  • Metering: 6 tri-colour 12-segment LED bargraphs
  • Power consumption: 60W 50/60Hz universal input
  • Weight: 25.4kg (56lbs)
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC to +30ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 0% to 80%

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