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The Rycote InVision USM Universal Shock Mount is a high quality universal microphone shock mount suitable for large diaphragm microphones. This mount is virtually indestructible and will last you a lifetime. When it comes to the security of you microphone there is not other choice that Rycote!

The USM is intended for microphones with a diameter less than 55mm, for example the Neumann u87Ai or Shure KSM32. If you need a mount for a larger microphone then you might consider the USM-VB. The VB in USM-VB stands for “very big” and is intended for larger microphones with a diameter between 55-68mm, for example the Neumann U47 FET or MXL Revelation II. Either way, if you need help deciding which Rycote mount will fit your microphone, just reach out to us and we will be happy to help. 

Like the other InVision mounts, the USM makes use of Rycote's patented vibration-resistant Lyre mount, but on this mount the W-shaped Lyres are placed around a central mounting ring with adjustable fasteners, allowing the USM to accommodate any microphone with a diameter of between 18 and 55 millimeters. The Rycote InVision USM Universal Shock Mount updates the concept of the microphone suspension for the 21st century, completely omitting any elasticated parts and using modern materials to create a virtually indestructible shock-mount with a performance that far outstrips that of the humble 'cat's cradle' suspension. In controlled tests at the Rycote factory, the USM provided up to twice the isolation of traditional microphone suspension systems.

Rycote InVision USM Universal Shock Mount Features

  • A universal mic mount - fits any large-diaphragm recording microphone from 18 to 55 mm in diameter
  • Offers up to twice the isolation from cable and stand-borne noise of traditional 'cat's cradle' elasticated microphone mounts.
  • Virtually indestructible
  • No elasticated parts - never sags or needs rethreading

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    Better Option for Some Mics!
    Rob B

    One of our sE 2200-iic mounts broke on location (plastic nut for heavy mic, no wonder). Scrambled to make a mount from another mic work - it did, and we got by. Hunting for replacement, I considered the sE mount (and cost), but I really wasn't happy with the build or support. Hunted around quite a bit online, and the Rycote model just seemed to be the best built and most adjustable. Actually had specs on size and weight of mic the mount would handle. Bought 4, not 1, as I could see use for a few other mics as well! Upon arrival, we immediately put up the sE 2200ii-c with the Rycote... and it worked great! If you know the 2200 (big and a bit hefty), this mount is MUCH better than the sE mount, especially when titled down: you get the angle you want, without the mic drooping from the mount, and you aren't afraid the thing will just flop over. Thankful for a bit more security!