Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Shock Mount

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Royer RSM-SS24
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Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Shock Mount

The Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Shock Mount is a revolutionary departure from traditional shock mount designs doing away with the rubberized parts and elastic cords.

Royer Labs have done away with the rubberized parts and elastic cords, producing a durable shock mount that gives superior isolation from vibrations. In the Royer tradition, the Sling-Shock is hand-built in their Burbank, CA facility using only the finest materials.

Royer Labs' proprietary system of non-resonant nylon cable and damped steel springs acts to isolate the microphone from vibrations induced from the microphone stand. These vibrations can appear as rumble and/or low-grade noises which create disturbances across the bandwidth, from low end thumps to harmonic disturbances at different frequencies. Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Suspension Shock Mount's superior vibration-reduction capabilities and lack of self-resonance allow engineers to capture performances free of vibration-related interference across the bandwidth.

Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Suspension Shock Mount is designed to be essentially maintenance free. Rubber parts, elastic bands and similar materials commonly found in shock mounts have been completely eliminated. The microphone clutch mechanism offers greater adaptability by allowing critical position adjustments to the microphone. A knurled lock-down knob secures the microphone in place, with a soft cotton interior chamber providing a non-abrasive grasp of the microphone.

Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Suspension Shock Mount accommodates Royer SF-2, SF-24 and SF-24V microphones. A European stand-adapter is included where applicable, allowing Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Suspension Shock Mount to be fitted to European specification microphone stands.

Royer RSM-SS24 "Sling-Shock" Shock Mount Features

  • Superior isolation from vibration and shocks
  • Felt-lined, scratch-free microphone chamber holds mic securely
  • No rubberized parts to degrade or stretch
  • Flexible for easy microphone positioning
  • Incorporated into the design is a microphone-cable clip that eliminates cable-related vibrations which are often coupled to the microphone through the microphone's cable
  • Handcrafted in Burbank, California using only the finest materials and aircraft grade aluminum
  • Backed by a lifetime unconditional warranty
  • Accommodates Royer SF-2, SF-24 and SF-24V microphones

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