Royer FlexBar Dual Microphone Mount

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The Royer FlexBar Dual Microphone Mount is a universal microphone holder designed to hold two microphones on a single microphone stand, with additional flexibility far beyond traditional stereo bar capabilities.

Unlike traditional stereo bars, the FlexBar’s two movable arms provide a wide range of mic placement options, from the traditional Blumlein and spaced pair positions to however creative you want to get with it (see some good starting place configurations below). Each arm has engraved gradient markers in centimeters, for precise repeatable distancing of the microphones.

The FlexBar allows for the traditional stereo bar positions; Blumlein, head-to-head and spaced pair. But it expands to include many additional 2-microphone configurations. For example: the FlexBar can be used to mic the top and bottom of a snare drum, utilizing a single stand in a typically tight area. For a singer/songwriter, the FlexBar can be configured to mic an acoustic guitar, ukulele, or other instrument with one microphone, and capture the vocal with another microphone.

The FlexBar was designed in conjunction with Triad-Orbit and accepts all Triad-Orbit accessories. For fine adjustments of the entire FlexBar unit, the Triad-Orbit ball-swivel adaptor added between the base of the FlexBar and a microphone stand works well.

Royer FlexBar Dual Microphone Mount Features

  • Mounts 2 Microphones on 1 Microphone Stand
  • Versatile Design for Custom Microphone Setups
  • 2 Movable Brackets
  • Engraved Gradient Markers
  • Matte-Black Finish
  • Constructed from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Accepts Triad-Orbit Accessories

Royer FlexBar Dual Microphone Mount Includes

  • Royer FlexBar Dual Microphone Mount
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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