Roll Music Valvop RMSMC5 500-Series Compressor

Roll Music

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The Roll Music Valvop RMSMC5 500-Series Compressor features all the warm sweet satisfaction of an optical compressor with a real transformer-coupled, high-voltage vacuum tube audio path in the convenient and cost-effective 500-series modular format.

The Roll Music Valvop RMSMC5 500-Series Compressor is a smooth, musical compressor with a simple, intuitive interface and a warm, satisfying audio path. You love the sound of the Roll Music Tubule RMS5A7 tube preamp module, and now you can enjoy that same sonic bliss in a line-level compressor and the same form factor. The compression is all optical for a smooth compression that's ideal for both vocals and electric bass. (But don't let us stop you there!) The audio path uses the same all-tube amplifier circuit found in the Tubule.

The tube is powered by a 220V voltage generated inside the module by a proprietary circuit. The circuit is carefully designed to produce adequate voltage for the tube circuit while keeping within the narrow power consumption limitations of the 500‑series format. The Tubule has VPR Approval for use in API's full range of Lunchbox modular enclosures, while the Valvop's approval is pending. Both are fully compatible with all known standard 500‑series enclosures. Both are built to last, fully enclosed in a rugged steel chassis with robust controls and long‑life components.

Controls on the Roll Music Valvop include a rotary Threshold control pot, 12‑position stepped makeup gain switch, and push button switches for bypass and the unique Program Dependent Release mode, which provides a dual time constant that recovers quickly after compressing transients while releasing more slowly after long passages of loud program material. Gain reduction indication is provided by a single high‑visibility LED.

Roll Music Valvop RMSMC5 500-Series Compressor Features

  • Fits in any 500 Series compatible rack or psu.
  • All tube, transformer coupled circuit design
  • Threshold control pot
  • Stepped make-up gain
  • PDR Mode. Program Dependent Release, for allowing transient detail and smooth compression of longer program material.
  • LED gain reduction indicator

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