Roll Music Vacbax RMSB5T 500-Series Tube Equalizer

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Roll Music Vacbax RMSB5T
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Roll Music Vacbax RMSB5T 500-Series Tube Equalizer

The Roll Music Vacbax RMSB5T 500-Series Tube Equalizer is a buttery smooth Baxandall style tone control in a fully compliant all-tube 500-series module.

The Roll Music Vacbax amplifier provides makeup gain after a buttery smooth passive 2-band tone control with a selectable high band (16kHz and 8kHz), fixed low band (150Hz), and switchable high pass filter (100Hz). The Vacbax is powered by a proprietary high-voltage internal voltage booster, which produces more than 200V internally from the +/-16V and +48V rails. The Roll Music Vacbax is available in a standard 500-series powered enclosure.

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