Radial Twin-Servo 500-Series Preamp


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The Radial Twin-Servo 500-Series Preamp is a faithful recreation of Deane Jensen's original Twin-Servo 990 mic pre, regarded by many audio professionals as one of the finest preamps ever made.

The Radial Twin-Servo has pedigree. The circuit designed by the Jensen engineering team includes two cascaded 990 op-amps to share the load and provide 60 dB of clean gain. The two servos eliminate the need for signal-degrading capacitors in the audio path and allow for less than -120 dBu of noise.

Engineered for superior sound quality, the two oversized input and output Jensen transformers are a crucial part of the design. They contribute to lowering the noise floor and freeing the signal from hum and RF interference, while producing an extended frequency response and plenty of headroom.

Augmented by a 180º polarity-reverse switch, a -15 dB pad, and a high-pass filter that eliminates excessive low-end, the Twin-Servo opens musical tone-shaping possibilities. Other features include a dual-gang potentiometer for optimal gain, a 10-segment LED meter that gives instant visual feedback for the input signal and a 48V phantom power-activation switch to power condenser microphones. The front-panel Neutrik combo connector offers the choice of XLR microphone input and standard hi-Z 1/4" instrument input.

Re-imagined for today, this adaptation of the Jensen Twin-Servo fits the popular 500-Series format.

Radial Twin-Servo 500-Series Preamp Features

  • 2 x Oversized Jensen Transformers
  • 2 x Jensen Dual 990 Op-Amps
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Servos Eliminate Coupling Capacitors
  • Virtually Zero Phase Shift
  • 180° Polarity Reverse
  • 10-Segment LED Meter
  • 100% Encased Steel Casing

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