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The Neumann U47 FET Microphone is a large diaphragm condenser studio microphone with cardioid polar pattern. Designed to capture clear, detailed, radio-ready sound, and perfect for drums and other percussion instruments, this legendary microphone features an extensive dynamic range, and clean sound transmission, free of coloration.

The Neumann U47 FET Microphone is backed by popular demand shaping the smooth and rich sound of the 70s. The electro-acoustic transducer of the Neumann U47 FET is a large double-diaphragm capsule. It has a mild presence boost above 2 kHz. A switchable high-pass filter increases the lower cut-off frequency from 40 Hz to 140 Hz.

A Legend Reborn
Introduced in 1972 as a successor to the legendary U 47 tube microphone, the Neumann U47 FET became a Neumann classic in its own right. Its smooth yet defined character shaped the sound of the 70s. After a long hiatus, the Neumann U47 FET is finally available again, meticulously reproduced from the same components. A true classic, yet far from outdated.

The Sound of the Seventies
“Smooth” is the word that best describes the sonic ideal of the seventies. The then new Neumann U47 FET was very much part of that sound. Introduced in 1972, it soon became a studio favorite combining the refined sound balance of its tube predecessor with a new clarity and greater ease of use. Toward the mid-80s, as records became increasingly more strident, the smooth Neumann U47 FET fell out of favor as a vocal microphone and was discontinued. Yet over the years top engineers discovered new applications for the Neumann U47 FET in front of guitar cabinets and kick drums. Eventually, famous vocalists from boy group pop to heavy metal reestablished the Neumann U47 FET as a versatile vocal microphone. So now, by popular demand, it’s back in production.

Far from Outdated
The Neumann U47 FET Microphone uses the same K 47 large diaphragm condenser capsule and the same headgrille design as its tube operated predecessor, the legendary U47, which revolutionized the recording and broadcast industries from 1949 to1960. For sonic continuity, the Neumann U47 FET also uses a similarly oversized output transformer. Otherwise, its transistorized head amplifier is an amazingly advanced design and a testament to Neumann’s state of the art engineering. This “vintage” microphone has a dynamic range of 119 dB! The Neumann U47 FET Microphone can handle extreme SPLs of up to 137 dB, and even 147 dB with the –10 dB pad switch engaged. This, along with its smooth top end and lush midrange, makes the Neumann U47 FET Microphone an excellent microphone for bright and loud instruments such as brass and electric guitar. Due to its exceptionally clear and uncluttered low end, it is a great choice for upright bass and bass cabinets. Numerous top engineers consider the U47 FET the ultimate microphone to place in front of the kick drum. At the same time it is an excellent vocal mic for crooners and screamers alike, due to its beautifully balanced response with just a slight, unobtrusive boost in the upper mids for added presence in the mix. The Neumann U47 FET Microphone comes with a unique one-sided swivel mount, which makes it easy to position. Pad and low cut switches are accessible on the rear of the microphone. An additional switch next to the XLR socket allows for attenuating the output signal by 6 dB, which is a handy feature in conjunction with low-headroom vintage preamplifiers.

Neumann U47 FET Microphone Applications

  • Vocal and speech
  • Bass amplifier
  • Guitar amplifier
  • Bass drum
  • Kick drum
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Trombone
  • Flute
  • Piano
  • Room microphone

Neumann U47 FET Microphone Features

  • Exact reproduction of Neumann’s 1970s classic
  • Solid state successor of the legendary U 47 tube microphone
  • Same large diaphragm capsule as the legendary U 47
  • FET electronics with large output transformer
  • Extremely high SPL capability and low self-noise
  • Balanced sound with superb presence
  • Cardioid pattern

Neumann U47 FET Microphone Specifications

  • Acoustical Operation Principle: Pressure Gradient Transducer
  • Directional Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 8 mV/Pa = –42 dBV ± 1 dB
  • Rated Impedance: 150 Ohm
  • Rated Load Impedance: 1k Ohm
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 69 dB, A-Weighted; 76 dB
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 25 dB, A-Weighted; 18 dB-A
  • Max. SPL for THD < 0.5 %: 137 dB, With Pre-attenuation; 147 dB
  • Max. Output Voltage for THD > 0.5 %: –3.3 dBu
  • Power Supply: 48 V ± 4 V
  • Current Consumption: 0.5 mA
  • Weight: 710 g
  • Dimensions: Ø 63 x 160 mm
  • Permissible Atmospheric Conditions:
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0 °C to +70 °C
    • Storage Temperature Range: –20 °C to +70 °C
    • Humidity Range: 0 % to 90 % at +20 °C, 0 % to 85 % at +60 °C

Neumann U47 FET Microphone Includes

  • 1 x Neumann U47 FET Microphone
  • 1 x Integrated Yolk
  • 1 x Wooden Case
  • 1 x Certificate of Authenticity
  • 1 x Operating Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

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What We Think


The classic "FET 47" Neumann was always a favorite of mine in the studio. While not really a straight FET "replacement" version of the classic valve U 47 designs, the FET 47 carved out a niche in its own right; primarily as a favorite outer kick-drum microphone. And why not? The frequency bumps at 4kHz and 9kHz are tailored right for accentuating the attack of the kick drum. But I always found a place for it when cutting backing vocals. There's a certain "steely" tone to it... (not a "Steely" tone); literally, "like steel." Not overbearing, mind you. But just there in the right amount if you want it. The recreation of this classic mic exhibits all the classic looks and sounds engineers, producers, and artists have come to expect. The classic "yoke" mount allows for easy placement - especially in front of the kick drum - and is as much a hallmark calling card of this mic as is the sound. The new Neumann U 47 FET is a must-have microphone for the microphone roster of any commercial studio.

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