Mackie CR3 Monitors (Pair)

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Mackie CR3
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Mackie CR3 Monitors

The Mackie CR3 Monitors are Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors with studio-quality design. Perfect for multimedia creation and entertainment applications, the Mackie CR3 Monitors are built using only premium, high-performance components and feature convenient front-panel controls to deliver professional sound quality.

The Mackie CR3 Monitors are designed for premium sound that won't break the bank. These CR Multimedia Monitors deliver the performance you expect from a Mackie studio monitor in designs ideal for home studios, multimedia creation, AV post-production and broadcast. Plus, with user-friendly front panel features, the Mackie CR3 Monitors are great for any desktop in any situation.

Creatives Unite

The Mackie CR3 Monitors incorporate a combination of high-quality components and professional build quality typically only found on more expensive studio monitors. But, they are affordable and ultra-compact. Switch from video editing to music listening in no time flat. Edit a video, then watch a video. You are a multi-tasker who appreciates great sound. The Mackie CR3 Monitors help you in all aspects of your multimedia creation and enjoyment.

You might be creating professional multimedia one minute and streaming video the next. With the Mackie CR3 Monitors, you get the best of both worlds. Studio-quality design and performance in an extremely compact design with smart features perfect for creatives of any level. From the studio-quality sound of the premium drivers to the rich, natural sound enhanced by the all-wood cabinet design, the Mackie CR3 Monitors are professional in every way. After all, when creating media, it's critical that your audio translate accurately across the myriad of speakers people will use to listen. Even if you don't create media, you want to hear exactly what the product intended. Hear every nuance and detail in a complete full-range experience that only studio monitors can provide.

Le's face it, a lot of work spaces are cramped. Maybe you work at home, maybe you like to work remotely or maybe you sit for hours a day in a tiny editing suite. Either way, great-sounding monitors that don't eat up a ton of desk space would be ideal. The extremely small footprint of Creative Reference Mackie CR3 Monitors are perfect for the modern workspace. They are very compact, but they don't sacrifice a bit on performance. There's nothing worse than getting some cool new gear only to realize you have to head back to the store to get the cables you need to make it all work. That's why Creative Reference Mackie CR3 Monitors come with absolutely everything you need to get started working or playing right out of the box.

Loaded with convenient features, the Mackie CR3 Monitors offer flexibility that will save time and hassle. Unique to the line is a left/right speaker placement switch that lets you decide which side of your workspace has the volume control. Sometimes you just feel more comfortable reaching up to change the volume with a specific hand. The Mackie is the first to solve this issue. Maybe it's because there are so many ambidextrous people here is something in the Seattle water. It's also fantastic for home studios, where you can be forced to put the powered monitor on a particular side due to where the power outlet is. Either way, you don't want to sacrifice proper stereo imaging due to personal preferences or space limitations.

There are also some great front-panel features that make the Mackie CR3 Monitors ideal for creative professionals and media junkies. The front panel volume knob also allows you to turn the monitors off, which is better than reaching around back each time you use them. There's even a lit power ring around the knob to let you know when the monitors are ready to rock (or jazz, or whatever it is you're into). An auxiliary input is perfect for connecting your smartphone or other media device to audition previous mixes or other comparison media. Plus, if you want to quickly watch the latest video your friend shared on Twitter, you can just plug in and enjoy. A dedicated headphone out provides the opportunity to quickly listen to a different source, which is great for any professional. Plugging in phones defeats the speakers for truly silent work and you can quickly adjust levels with the main volume knob.

Mackie CR3 Monitors Features

  • Studio-quality design, sound and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment
  • Professional-grade components for optimized sonic performance
  • 50 Watts of clean, articulate stereo sound
  • 3" Polypropylene-coated woofer
  • .75" Ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeter
  • Ultra-wide frequency range perfect for full-range multimedia (80Hz - 20kHz)
  • Choose which side of your desk gets the volume knob with the Mackie CR3's convenient speaker placement switch
  • Convenient front panel volume knob with lit power ring gives you on/off/volume control and power indication where you need it
  • Plug your smartphone or other source right into the front of the speakers and listen instantly
  • Front-facing headphone jack auto-defeats speaker output and provides tactile headphone volume control
  • A choice of inputs for simple connection to almost any audio source (1/4", 1/8", RCA)
  • Smooth waveguide design delivers unmatched clarity and sound dispersion at all listening levels
  • Custom-tuned rear ports for smooth, even bass extension
  • All-wood cabinet provides a natural sonic character superior to low-grade plastic designs
  • Acoustic isolation pads minimize boomy bass build-up and provide up/down tilt control for more focused listening
  • 1/8" to Stereo RCA cable to connect computer output to speakers
  • 1/8" to 1/8" Cable to connect a smartphone or media player to front panel of speakers
  • Speaker-to-speaker cable

Mackie CR3 Monitors Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz (-3dB), 70 Hz - 20 kHz (-10dB)
  • Maximum SPL: 97 dB
  • Crossover Frequency: 3kHz
  • Low Frequency Transducer: 3.0 in / 76 mm polypropylene-coated woofer
  • High Frequency Transducer: 0.75 in / 19 mm silk dome tweeter
  • Amplifier Rated Power: 28 Watts rms, 50 Watts peak
  • Amplifier Design: Class AB
  • Input Type: Balanced / unbalanced 1/4" TRS, unbalanced RCA (rear), 1/8" TRS (front)
  • Input Impedance: 20 k ohm, balanced bridging, 10 k ohm unbalanced
  • Output Type: 1/8" stereo headphones (front)
  • Basic Design: Rectangular
  • Enclosure Construction: Solid MDF
  • Finish: Black vinyl wrap
  • Port Configuration: Custom-tuned rear port tube
  • Damping: Adiabatic batting
  • Display LED (Front): Power ring (around volume knob)
  • Power Consumption: 72 watts with music, loud mix
  • Dimensions: H x W x D (8.2 in x 5.5 in x 6.2 in) / (208 mm x 140 mm x 158 mm)
  • Weight: 9.4 lb / 4.1 kg (pair)

Mackie CR3 Monitors Includes

  • Pair of Mackie CR3 Monitors
  • 2 x Acoustic Isolation Pads
  • 1/8" to Stereo RCA Cable (Connects computer output to speakers)
  • 1/8" to 1/8" Cable (Connect a smart phone or media player to front panel of speakers)
  • 6' Speaker-to-Speaker Cable
  • Owners Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

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  • 4
    Good monitors to start out.

    Posted by Jap Singh on Apr 6th 2016

    They're definitely inexpensive for a reason and that is because they are not something you would use in a professional studio. However they are still very clear in the high end but really lack in the low end.