Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand (Black)

Latch Lake

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The Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand is a premium commercial studio quality microphone stand designed to suspend even the heaviest of microphones safely into locations unreachable by most other microphone stands.

The Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand (Black) is proven to be among the industry's most trusted stands, and is truly built to last and most importantly, keeps your most valuable microphone safe. With the Latch Lake micKing 3300's unique flexible strength they enable the opportunity to place a microphone just about anywhere with confidence that it will stay in place. With great strength comes ease of use, every adjustment point on a Latch Lake micKing 3300 can be quickly repositioned via a simple cam Lever Lock. These Lever Locks feature variable tension to allow for a range of hold from very loose to extremely strong.

Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand Features

  • Mast Clamp - Telescoping two section mast via Latch Lake Lever Locks ensures a solid vertical hold for any situation. (4' - 9'10")
  • Base - The Latch Lake's patented unique cast iron base, designed with efficiency in mind. At 16 inches in diameter and a weight of 29 lbs, this base carries 90% of its weight on the outer perimeter, key in creating micKing's small foot print with extreme stability.
  • Jam Nuts - The Latch Lake Jam Nuts are big Mic Nuts for locking your mic in place.
  • Lever Lock System - Quick and simple adjustments throughout the entire stand. These locks ensure, hands down, the strongest hold possible with the least amount of frustration. You can even customize their tension to your precise needs!
  • Design - The Latch Lake's unique patented bases don’t only have the most efficient placement of weight; they can be positioned within each other for great space saving storage.

Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand Specifications

  • Full Extension of Stand: 4ft to 9.10ft Height
  • Base: 28 Lbs. (90% of the Weight on the Outer Perimeter)
  • Tilt Mechanism: Built-in Tilt Wheels
  • Lever Locks: Single Release w/ Built-In Cord Clips
  • Minimal Foot Print: 14"
  • Stand Finish: Black

Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand Includes

  • 1 x Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Straight Microphone Stand (Black)
  • 1 x Jam Nut
  • 1 x Mast Clamp
  • 1 x Mic Stand Base

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  • 5
    Latch Lake 3300

    Follow-up. Talked with Josh at Latch Lake about the metal contact and fear of finish wear. He said, " As the black tubes are hardened steel that burns the metal black, rather than a paint that can be stripped off, we haven't had any issues with the surface being removed." So, five stars with no reservations.

  • 4
    Latch Lake 3300

    A step above. Well thought out, particularly the clutch and mic cable retainers. Set it and it stays put. The metal-on-metal contact within the tubes is disconcerting and leads to a four-star rating. Seems like a nylon or delrin sleeve (like in drum hardware), or a "piston" on the end of each tube (to act as a buffer) would be beneficial. Will see how it stands the test of time.