Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Boom Microphone Stand (Chrome)

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Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Boom Microphone Stand (Chrome)

Latch Lake's Chrome micKing 3300 Studio Boom (MK3300 CH) adds some shiny and durable luster to their flagship microphone stand. The MK3300 stands 10 foot upright, topped with a 10 foot boom arm (20 foot max height), fitted with their super, handy Spin Grip Mic Mount, all atop Latch Lake's robust 16 inch, 29lb iron base.

The Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Boom Microphone Stand is the original micKing boom stand - featuring the world's strongest boom clutch in its class, unique patented base, Spin Grip Mic Mount, movable counterweight and revolutionary lever lock adjustment systems. The micKing 3300 covers the entire spectrum of mic applications, shining primarily in the choral and orchestral world which often necessitate long reach both horizontally and vertically. With a mast at 10 feet and a boom at 10 feet, they are capable of combining to an impressive 20 foot height in its vertical configuration. Yet with these long lengths each the boom and mast are capable of compacting down to nearly 3 feet! The 3300 isn't for everyone, but when your need long reach, stability, a small footprint and a clean look, it is exactly what you've been searching for.

Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Boom Microphone Stand (Chrome) Features

  • Lever Lock System - Quick and simple adjustments throughout the entire stand. These locks ensure, hands down, the strongest hold possible with the least amount of frustration. You can even customize their tension to your precise needs!
  • Why the World's Strongest? - Latch Lake's patented boom clutch features nearly 16 square inches of clamp-able surface area. That's more than any other mic stand on the market! This impressive surface area provides the maximum coefficient of friction for that unstoppable hold that micKing booms are so well known for.
  • Highly Efficient Footprint - Latch Lake's unique patented bases don't only have the most efficient placement of weight; they can be positioned within each other for great space saving storage.
  • Counter Weights - Latch Lake's ultra flexible counter weight system can be positioned anywhere on the boom. They can even be removed when not necessary.
  • Quality Components - Latch Lake thought all the way down to the finest detail. Every adjustment point on the stands feature our patented cable wedges, enabling very clean cable management.
  • Latch Lake's Shop - All of Latch Lake's products are assembled in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their 20,000+ square foot production facility is as green as it gets, featuring geothermal heating and cooling (right from Latch lake!), green powder coating, vegetable machining oil and ultra efficient florescent lighting throughout. Stop in and meet the Latch Lake family anytime!

Latch Lake micKing 3300 Studio Boom Microphone Stand (Chrome) Specifications

  • Base: 16 inch radius
  • Mast height: 48-125 inches
  • Boom length: 51-115 inches
  • Full Vertical Capability: 20-feet
  • Spin Grip Mount: Chrome
  • Counter Weight: 7 lbs
  • Jam Nut: 5/8" - 27
  • Device Mounting Point: 5/8" - 27

What We Think

The Latch Lake micKing 3300 is the biggest, baddest commercially available mic stand on the market which isn't some sort of modified lighting stand. Standard to the micKing 3300 is the "Bigfoot" option for the micKing 2200; key for stability when dealing with very heavy microphones (AEA R44, A440, or KU4 ribbon microphones come to mind), or when going for extreme height when trying to capture a great ambient room sound. The ability of the stand and boom to go to a vertical height of 20-feet puts this stand head and shoulders above all other offerings short of the vintage Starbird stands of the bygone era. The interlocking bases offers a dual-functionality for both compact storage and enhanced stability when positioning multiple stands together. Add Latch Lake Xtra Boom Microphone Stand Boom Arms to the mast of the micKing stands to mount additional microphones off of the same assembly. Perfect for trying to keep the floor footprint to a minimum.

Latch Lake micKing 3300 is certainly the king of microphone stands.

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  • 5
    Great overheads

    Posted by Nathan Rabiroff on Mar 26th 2011

    I don't own these personally, but we have a pair at the studio at my school and they are incredible. If you want rock solid overheads that will never get off balance and are super easy to aim thanks to the great mic mounting system. If I had the money for my home studio I would add a pair of these. Unfortunately they cost as much as a decent mic or preamp.