LaChapell Audio 503 3-Band 500-Series EQ

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LaChapell Audio 503
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LaChapell Audio 503 3-Band 500-Series EQ

The LaChapell Audio 503 3-Band 500-Series EQ is a a very low distortion signature 3-Band EQ with minimal phase deviation. The LaChapell Audio 503 is perfect for tracking, mixing, or mastering and is extremely clear and transparent.

With a 24dB range on each band plus selectable frequency high and low pass filters, the 503 is an incredible tone shaper. Like the 583E section, the 503 3-band EQ is a non-tube design, fully transformer-less, crystal clear and very quiet. Additionally, the 503 (like its counterpart found on the 583E) offers up very low distortion signature and minimal phase deviation; it is an extremely clear and transparent EQ design. Those looking for a natural sounding/transparent EQ should look no further than the 503.

LaChapell Audio 503 3-Band 500-Series EQ Features

  • Mastering Quality EQ: The 503 is a super quiet and transparent EQ that has been meticulously designed to minimize phase artifacts. It is a great complement to any studio recording chain, mix down or marstering process.
  • 3-band EQ with 24dB range: The three band EQ with a +/- 12 dBu cut or boost range provides plenty of power for subtle or drastic tone shaping.
  • High and low pass Filters: Switchable filters with two ranges per filter. The HPF offers 50 Hz and 150 Hz options. The LPF filters at 5K or 10K.
  • Wide Frequency Response: The 503 features an incredible range of 10Hz to 50Khz. This ensures adjustments to the edges of the audible spectrum are not cut off prematurely.

LaChapell Audio 503 3-Band 500-Series EQ Specifications

  • NOISE FLOOR: -95dB
  • THD+N: 0.012% (@ +4 output)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz to 50KHz (flat)
  • CUT / BOOST RANGE: +/- 12dBu

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    Everything just sounds better!!!

    Before I bought this EQ,I watched some video reviews and read some articles,and I kept hearing that this EQ made everything that was run through it,"Just sound better",I would have to highly agree! I have used this for tracking kick drum,vocals,electric guitar,and electric bass,and everytime the source ends up sounding great.I've yet to make a bad sound with it,one of the great qualities of this EQ is the ability to boost or cut to extreme amounts without things sounding weird or getting noisy,it doesn't sound like you boosted things to death.It is very clean and clear,I havn't heard any noise at all.It is a transparent,yet powerful tone sculptor! LaChapell quality is second to none,this piece is built amazingly,with great,strong feeling knobs and switches.For tracking this thing can't be beat,you can really boost and cut without messing up the original source,like I said,everything will just sound better!This is a great EQ!!!