LaChapell Audio 500TDI 500-Series Tube Direct Box

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LaChapell Audio 500TDI
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LaChapell Audio 500TDI 500-Series Tube Direct Box

The LaChapell Audio 500TDI 500-Series Tube Direct Box uses the same TrueTube technology that is in the popular 583S Mk2. TrueTube provides proper operating voltage to the 12DW7 tube so that you get rich tube harmonics and incredible detail.

Two knobs allow the user to drive the tube input separate from the output for a wide array of tonal possibilites. The top input is a high impedance input while the bottom input can be used as a through OR a lower impedance input for more sound options.

LaChapell Audio 500TDI 500-Series Tube Direct Box Features

  • 500 Series Tube DI: The 500TDI is the first properly powered vacuum tube DI for the 500 series format. Incredibly versatile, it ranges from clean to gritty, perfect for bass, keys, or other line level sources.
  • Two Input Options: The front panel 1/4″ jacks provide even more versatility. The bottom jack is a through output, but ALSO can be used as an input. Each jack offers a slightly different sound.
  • High Pass Filter: The built-in high pass filter on the 500TDI is… well.. A high pass filter.
  • TrueTube Powered Tubes: As with all LaChapell Audio 500 series modules with tubes, the 500TDI fully powers the vacuum tube with TrueTube technology. Providing a full 250V without stressing or straining the power supply, the 12DW7 vacuum tube in the 500TDI operates as a tube should — Great headroom and rich harmonics with a pleasant overdrive when necessary.\
  • Dual drive knobs: Separate input and output drive knobs provide you with a wide range of sonic options. Go heavy on the output knob for clean tones or lean on the input to get rich tube harmonics.

LaChapell Audio 500TDI 500-Series Tube Direct Box Specificatins

  • Internal Gain: 24 dB
  • THD+N: 0.10% - 25% (@ +2 dBV)
  • Frequenc response: 8 Hz - 28 kHz
  • EIN: -100 dBu
  • Input Impedance: ~1.5MΩ
  • Tube Complement: 1x 12DW7 (ECC832)
  • Current Draw: 150 mA

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