DPA 2028 Handheld Microphone

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DPA 2028
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DPA 2028 Handheld Microphone

The DPA 2028 Handheld Microphone allows you to capture true sound and produce an unforgettable show - effortlessly!

The 2028 Vocal Microphone is designed for the unique challenges of live stage performances. It is a flexible handheld vocal mic, which provides transparent, fantastic vocals to performers from a wide range of markets including live, HoW, broadcast, etc. Use it wired or together with your favorite wireless system, either way, just plug it in and hear the vocals shine like never before.

DPA 2028 Handheld Microphone Features

  • Renowned DPA sound
  • Natural vocals – from folk to metal
  • Reduces feedback issues
  • Rugged enough for the live stage
  • Uniform supercardioid directionality
  • Extreme SPL handling
  • XLR Connecton

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this is nice product

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