Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone


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The Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone is a high-performance hemispherical boundary layer microphone designed for pro recording, sound reinforcement and broadcasting applications. A pressure zone mic in a small metal housing, the PZM-6D offers hemispherical pattern for intelligible sound pickup and a switchable dual-frequency response for enhanced flexibility in mic placement and sonic character.

The Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone has many applications, from miking full orchestras or individual musical instruments to security or teleconferencing. Each mic has a switchable dual frequency response: rising (R) or flat (F). The "rising" position adds brilliance. This makes it useful wherever a crisp attack is desired, such as on percussion, drums, or piano. The user can get a bright sound without boosting high frequencies on the recording console; the result is lower noise. The "flat" position provides a smooth, flat, high-frequency response for natural sound reproduction.

The Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone has a smaller plate. Its low profile, unobtrusive appearance is appreciated in conference rooms, as well as on television, film and video productions. When suspended over an orchestra on a clear panel, the Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone practically disappears. Its miniature, permanently attached 15-foot cable also reduces visual clutter. The Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone has a 6-foot cable, and can be special-ordered from your Crown dealer. The output of either mic is a male 3-pin XLR-type, balanced and low impedance, which permits long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss.

Like other Pressure Zone Microphones, Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone utilizes the Pressure Recording Process in which a miniature condenser microphone capsule is positioned very close to a sound-refl ecting plate or boundary. The capsule is mounted in the "Pressure Zone" just above the boundary, a region where sound coming directly from the sound source combines in phase with sound reflected off the boundary. The benefits are excellent clarity and "reach," a hemispherical polar pattern, uncolored off-axis response, and a wide smooth frequency response free of phase interference.

Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone Features

  • Pressure Zone Microphone design prevents coloration from surface sound reflections
  • Choice of flat response or rising high-frequency response
  • PZM-6D is smaller, lighter, and has a permanently attached cable
  • Hemispherical pickup pattern

Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone Specifications

  • Type: Pressure Zone Microphone
  • Transducer: Electret condenser
  • Frequency Response (Typical): 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Polar Pattern: Hemispherical when used on a floor, wall or ceiling
  • Impedance: 240 ohms, balanced (recommended load impedance 1000 ohms or greater)
  • Open-Circuit Sensitivity (Typical): 7 mV/Pa (43dB re 1 volt/Pa)
  • Power Sensitivity: 43 dB re 1 mW/Pa. EIA sensitivity 135 dBm
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 74 dB at 94 dB SPL
  • Maximum SPL: 150 dB SPL at 3% THD
  • Operating Voltage: Phantom power, 12-48 volts DC on pins 2 and 3 with respect to pin 1
  • Current Drain: 1.1 mA
  • Cable: Permanently attached 15-foot (4.58-m) black cable with XLRM connector
  • Switch: Frequency-response select switch for rising or flat response
  • Color: Black
  • Net Weight: 6.5 ounces (184 gm)
  • Dimensions: 3 in x 2.5 in. x .375 in. (7.62 cm x 6.35 cm x .95 cm)

Crown PZM-6D Boundary Microphone Includes

  • PZM-6D Boundary Microphone
  • PZM Windscreen
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 3 Years Warranty

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