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The Community TRC400 Transformer for 70V, 100V and 140V Lines is used to step down the voltage and impedance of constant voltage audio distribution lines to the voltage level and impedance required by loudspeakers.

It can also be used to step up the voltage of an amplifier to the voltage needed for a distribution line. The TRC400 has three output taps. The taps allow individual loudspeakers to be adjusted to operate at the same or different power levels compared to other loudspeakers in a system on the distribution line. The input taps on the TRC400 allow it to be used with 70V, 100V, and 140V distribution systems. The output taps of the TRC400 are designed to drive either 8 ohm or 4 ohm loudspeakers. See the Usage Tables for the various capabilities.

The TRC400 is manufactured from high quality materials Its high permeability iron core provides high power handling at low frequencies. The TRC400 has four mounting tabs that allow it to be bolted into back-boxes or other enclosures, to loudspeaker enclosures, or to loudspeaker mounting hardware. The stripped wire input and output leads can be easily connected to loudspeaker terminals and the distribution cable in a variety of ways including terminal strips, soldering, and wire-nuts.

Community TRC400 Transformer Features

  • Can Be Used for Voltage Step-down or Step-up
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Excellent Low Frequency Performance at Full Power

Community TRC400 Transformer Applications

  • 140V, 100V, and 70V Loudspeaker Distribution Systems
  • Excellent Match for R1 and R2 Loudspeaker Systems
  • Use for High Power M4 Distributed Announcement Systems

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    Great Place to do Business

    I have ordered twice from FEA and both times have been very easy and the service is awesome. on the TRC400 it was what we were looking for and works Great for our application