Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost Guitar Pedal

Chandler Limited

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Product Code: 9999-11160
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The Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost Guitar Pedal is capable of 39db of boost and can easily range from gentle sustain to screaming vintage.

Wade called this pedal a Colored Boost for a reason! It's not a clean boost, though it's not a fuzz either. The Little Devil Colored Boost can gently color your Fender or drive your old Marshall into oblivion.

The soul of the Little Devil Colored Boost is the Class A amplifier design and the selectable Feedback/Bias control. The six presets range from slightly fuzzy to a "in your face" Plexi sound. Each preset has its own style of harmonic distortion and clipping with different effects on a sine wave signal. Soft clipping, hard clipping, clipping on the top, bottom, or both sides of a sine wave, and significant changes in frequency happen with each click of the Feedback/Bias switch.

Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost Guitar Pedal Specifications

  • CHANNELS: Mono
  • CIRCUIT: Class A
  • BYPASS: True Bypass
  • POWER: 9-volt “BOSS” style power supply or single 9-volt battery

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