Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal

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Chandler Limited Germanium Drive
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Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal

The Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal has all the tone and color you would expect from germanium, but none of the mud and none of the fat - only an intense colored germanium tone.

This pedal was inspired by Chandler Limited's Germanium preamps and their work with other germanium amplifiers, but has even more to it. The five feedback selections on the Germanium Drive modify the tone, harmonic distortion and clipping of the pedal and offer a nice range of uses from tighter, lightly driven to slightly fuzzy to full on germanium hell!

Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal Notes

  • The Germanium Drive pedal runs on any two separate +9V power supplies. When two separate supplies are connected to the pedal, one of the supplies is routed inside the pedal to -9 volts. That is why the Germ Drive cannot be daisy-chained from one power supply.
  • Most germanium-based pedals run on a -9 volt supply which cannot run on the same supply as other pedals. The Chandler Germanium Drive is similar in this regard.
  • Do NOT daisy-chain the two plugs from one supply.
  • Do NOT use one power supply polarized to -9.
  • To open any Chandler Limited pedal, remove the four black screws on the sides. DO NOT remove screws from the top of pedal.

What We Think

The Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Pedal brings a whole new way to expand the tonal palette of your amplifier without specifically adding an overt distortion. It finds new ways to drive your guitar's signal into the amplifier while also injecting a little bit of that sizzly-"my amp's about to explode" character that is the signature of the germanium transistor. I love this thing. But it's hard to make a choice between it and the Little Devil Colored Boost since they do the same task in such different ways, resulting in such differing, yet totally useful sounds. Change the amp and you've changed the palette yet again. It just seems like whatever sounds good through the amp, sounds extra good though the pedal as a way to step up your arrangement in another section of the song. You really can't do what these pedals do with any other stomp box. They're wholly unique and are immediate classics. Jump in without hesitation. You'll be happy you did.

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