Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal

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Chandler Limited Germanium Drive
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Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal

Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal

Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal Details

The Germanium Drive is really a germanium pedal like none you've used before. The Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal has all the tone and color you would expect from germanium, but none of the mud and none of the fat - only an intense colored germanium tone. This pedal was inspired by Chandler Limited's Germanium preamps and their work with other germanium amplifiers, but has even more to it. The five feedback selections on the Germanium Drive modify the tone, harmonic distortion and clipping of the pedal and offer a nice range of uses from tighter, lightly driven to slightly fuzzy to full on germanium hell!

What People Are Saying...

"I received the Little Devil Colored Boost this afternoon. Dude, this thing is so much better than anything else on the market, I'm beside myself. I've been playing and recording for well over 30 years and I have never heard a pedal wakeup an amp like this. Seriously, well done! Your other pedal is on order, and I can't wait until it gets here. I really wish you the best of luck selling a million of these. My wife came in after a few minutes and said, "What did you change? Your guitar sounds great!" Ha! Thanks again, Wade, you've made an amazing musical device! I couldn't be happier with it."

â?"Steven Dembroski

"I was looking for great fuzz guitar and bass on some recent projects and this thing just nailed it. I have a dozen boutique fuzz pedals and I went through several to try and get the sound we were looking for and, in each case, tried the Devil last and it just obliterated the others. Amazingly, there's nuance to the distortion and it allows the player's articulation to really poke through the wall of sound. Even with the simple controls, it's highly versatile in attitude and voicing."

â?"Ryan Hewitt (Avett Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"I recently had the good fortune to visit Chandler and try Wade's new pedals. I'm a little at a loss for words, but I will do my best to describe my initial reactions. First off, the quality is what you would expect from Chandler and that is nothing short of the best (and I was playing on a prototype!). I will say for both they seem incredibly transparent. I do not hear a stomp box between the guitar and the amp but rather it brings out new sounds, textures, and character (it is a Chandler product after all). I tried it on a few vintage low- watt amps, a Marshall, and an AC30. These boxes were so flexible they could bring out the best qualities of each combination of amp and speaker. They are so dialed in, it's simple. After finding a preset that works with your amp, you have further options of sculpting the tone using feedback drive and boost range. The Germanium is fat and smooth as you may expect while the Little Devil (my favorite) is aggressive and can get almost squishy if you push it that much. They bring tone to the next level. To sum it all up, these are so much more than just boost pedals, they are tone enhancers."

â?"Mark Gustafson (FOH Cheap Trick)

"Pretty impressive and unique pedals. The workmanship is quite impressive. They are totally unique sounding. They give everything a very '70s plexi Marshall type of tint. They have been especially effective feeding into an AC30. I love them on keyboards. The Little Devil seems a bit more versatile but the Germanium has a very unique sound. In tone it was amazing with a Nord Lead or even a synth organ tone. Great work. Totally amazing sound as always."

â?"Joe Chiccarelli

"I got to try both the Little Devil and the Germ pedals last week . . . they were super fun to play through!! The Devil got into some great rock tones, and as the rotary knob was turned the tone started to 'give' in a cool way -- kind of like compression but not quite. The Germanium felt like it was very easy to get great solo sounds that really sang. Really made me want to play guitar all night!"

â?"John Paterno

Some REALLY important notes on using the Chandler Limited Germanium Drive

  • The Germanium Drive pedal runs on any two separate +9V power supplies. When two separate supplies are connected to the pedal, one of the supplies is routed inside the pedal to -9 volts. That is why the Germ Drive cannot be daisy-chained from one power supply.
  • Most germanium-based pedals run on a -9 volt supply which cannot run on the same supply as other pedals. The Chandler Germanium Drive is similar in this regard.
  • Do NOT daisy-chain the two plugs from one supply.
  • Do NOT use one power supply polarized to -9.
  • To open any Chandler Limited pedal, remove the four black screws on the sides. DO NOT remove screws from the top of pedal.

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What We Think - Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Review

"The Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Pedal brings a whole new way to expand the tonal palette of your amplifier without specifically adding an overt distortion. It finds new ways to drive your guitar's signal into the amplifier while also injecting a little bit of that sizzly-"my amp's about to explode" character that is the signature of the germanium transistor. I love this thing. But it's hard to make a choice between it and the Little Devil Colored Boost since they do the same task in such different ways, resulting in such differing, yet totally useful sounds. Change the amp and you've changed the palette yet again. It just seems like whatever sounds good through the amp, sounds extra good though the pedal as a way to step up your arrangement in another section of the song. You really can't do what these pedals do with any other stomp box. They're wholly unique and are immediate classics. Jump in without hesitation. You'll be happy you did."

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