Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp

Chandler Limited

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The Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp is a fantastic choice when you need total tonal flexibility all in one fantastic sounding preamplifier! Perfect to match with the Little Devil Compressor and Little Devil Equalizer.

What makes the Little Devil Pre so special? Well, several things. The Class A gain stage sounds like no other design we've done. It's big, yet open and full of life. Just about any parameter of the sound is changeable including the ability to change both the Feedback and Bias of the amplifier. The Feedback control increases harmonics thousands of times over the range of the control. The nature of clipping and distortion also changes and ranges from soft Class A clipping to super soft gushy tube type. The sounds range from a very colored and "overbiased" tone to a gently colored and "in your face" tone.

Other features of the Little Devil Pre include High and Low input impedance; transformer balanced line in for using the Devil as a color box on mixes or tracks; low cut; bright switch and more! This unit has no power-up issues with lunchboxes and rack systems.

All Chandler 500 series units have now been tested and proven to have no power issues in the following racks: API 500V 10-slot with L200 PSU; API 500-6B Lunchbox; API 500-6B HC “new version” Lunchbox; BAE 11-slot with power one supply; BAE 6-slot portable with power one supply; BAE 6-slot with Avedis designed supply; A-Designs 2-slot; Purple Sweet 10; and Empirical Labs 2-slot.

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp Features

  • Class A Solid-State Gain Stage
  • Feedback And Bias Control of the Amplifier Circuit - total tonal flexibility!
  • High and Low Impedance Switch
  • Low Cut Switch - Shave off the mud!
  • Transformer Balanced Line Level Input - Allows color-enhancement / enchantment of pre-recorded tracks or mixes.
  • Bright Switch - Lift your top!

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  • 5
    Energy, Grit, Complexity, OPTIONS!
    Ethan Waltz

    If you take a libertarian viewpoint on knobs, you'll ask yourself, "Why am I limited to knobs that only go so far?" The Chandler Limited Little Devil Mic Pre allows you to take things too far, so that you, the purveyor of audio engineering magic and harmonic superstition, can decide how far is too far! While the TG-2 is a bit of a one trick pony when it comes to harmonic-sonic signature, the versatility of the Chandler Little Devil will leave you wanting for no other high-end dirt boxes. Paired with the bright, low cut, and instrument input, you find yourself armed with a highly dynamic studio tool that is always musical no matter the amount of blasphemy you conduct with the feedback & bias knob.

  • 5
    My go to di box!
    Joshua Rapala

    I really enjoy the functionality of this product. A ton of options stacked in a tiny well constructed box from a name synonymous with quality and integrity. Works extremely well with coloring line level audio and packs a wide variety of tonal variations within the feedback and bias. Thanks Chandler!!!

  • 3
    A ton of attitude. Not perfect for every source

    I've tried several sources using this pre. You have plenty of color as well as input options. I could see how this thing would be GREAT for re-amping digital synth signal or bass. As I record mostly acoustic instruments, it wasn't a good match for me. Too my ears, the "color" was pretty harsh with a small sweet spot.