Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp

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Chandler Limited Little Devil
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Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp is a fantastic choice when you need total tonal flexibility all in one fantastic sounding 500-Series preamplifier! Perfect to match with the Little Devil Compressor and Little Devil Equalizer.

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp Details

The Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp has garnered much attention as perhaps the most versatile preamp in the offerings from Chandler Limited. It's great sound and versatility stem from several very unique features that set the Little Devil Preamp apart from anything else.

In true Chandler Limited fashion, the Little Devil Preamp's class A gain stage sounds like no other design Chandler has done. It is big, yet open and full of life. Just about any parameter of the sound is changeable including the ability to change both the Feedback and Bias of the amplifier. The Feedback control increases harmonics thousands of times over the range of the control. The nature of clipping and distortion also changes and ranges from soft Class A clipping to super soft gushy tube type. The sounds range from a very colored and "overbiased" tone to a gently colored and "in your face" tone.

Other features of the Devil Pre include High and Low input impedance; transformer balanced line in for using the Devil as a color box on mixes or tracks; low cut; bright switch and more! This unit has no power-up issues with lunchboxes and rack systems.

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp Features

  • Class A Solid-State Gain Stage
  • Feedback And Bias Control of the Amplifier Circuit - total tonal flexibility!
  • High and Low Impedance Switch
  • Low Cut Switch - Shave off the mud!
  • Transformer Balanced Line Level Input - Allows color-enhancement / enchantment of pre-recorded tracks or mixes.
  • Bright Switch - Lift your top!

What People Are Saying About The Chandler Limited Little Devil 500-Series Preamp...

"I love the Devil! First it was the Devil EQ and compressor, now the preamp and insane boost pedal! I tried the preamp on kick and snare comparing to some of my other favorites and it came out on top by a wide margin. Everyone in the room wanted a pair. I don't know how Wade does it, but with volumes matched between different preamps, the Devil just sounds . . . MORE! Great low end. Adjustable attitude with the feedback control . . . and that bright switch! Perfect to liven up a 57 or a ribbon mic."

â?"Ryan Hewitt (Avett Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"I don't know how you did it, but this mic pre has a superb clarify, but still tons of character and it has a great mid-range punch without losing bottom or top end, which could make it my top choice for electric guitars (right now it's the TG-2, so it would at least stay in the family). The feedback control lets you add more harmonic content to the sound and push it way forward. The bright switch opens up a vocal track really nicely. Tried it on electric guitar and vocals so far, which is quite a spectrum for a mic pre, and it kicks butt on both. Awesome box. Man, you did it again. It's amazing how your stuff always stands out from the crowd. Everything's got its own distinct sound and it totally hits my taste. You are creating the "modern vintage"! Plug it in and it makes you feel better, no kidding (I used to have to listen to Back in Black to make me feel better). Great job, Wade."

â?"Michael Wagener

"I used the Devil pre on electric guitar, comparing it to 1073s, 312s and TG-2s. It sounded amazing, super open sounding, and full low end. The feedback control was awesome, added serious mojo to the sound. I am a huge fan of all of the other pres Wade makes, but this one might take the cake! I cannot wait to get my hands on another one or 4! It would make a rad channel strip combined with the Little Devil EQ and Compressor."

â?"Shawn Dealey, Engineer, Counting Crows

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  • 5
    My go to di box!

    Posted by Joshua Rapala on Dec 22nd 2015

    I really enjoy the functionality of this product. A ton of options stacked in a tiny well constructed box from a name synonymous with quality and integrity. Works extremely well with coloring line level audio and packs a wide variety of tonal variations within the feedback and bias. Thanks Chandler!!!

  • 3
    A ton of attitude. Not perfect for every source

    Posted by Nathan on Jul 7th 2014

    I've tried several sources using this pre. You have plenty of color as well as input options. I could see how this thing would be GREAT for re-amping digital synth signal or bass. As I record mostly acoustic instruments, it wasn't a good match for me. Too my ears, the "color" was pretty harsh with a small sweet spot.