Chandler Limited TG2-500 500-Series Preamp

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Chandler Limited TG2-500
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Chandler Limited TG2-500 500-Series Preamp

The Chandler Limited TG2-500 500-Series Preamp delivers the classic sound of the EMI TG12428 pre amp used in EMI/Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles in the late 60s and early 70s!

The Chandler Limited TG2-500 pre-amp is a recreation of the rare EMI TG12428 pre amp used in EMI/Abbey Road Studios recording and mastering consoles from the late 60s and early 70s. The sound of the EMI/Abbey Road Studios equipment is world renowned, and imparts a unique and pleasing sonic character as heard on many famous recordings done at Abbey Road including The Beatles "Abbey Road" and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" albums. For the first time ever, the legendary TG2 pre-amp sound is available in 500 Series format.

The TG2-500 microphone pre-amplifier features the same discrete, transformer-balanced amplifiers as Chandler Limited's TG series: TG2 Pre Amp/DI, TG Channel MKII, and TG1 Limiter. Chandler Limited has taken the microphone pre-amplifier and line amplifier from their highly acclaimed TG2 Pre Amp/DI and packaged it for the industry standard 500 Series format, while retaining the sound of Chandler Limited's TG2 Pre Amp/DI. The aural quality has often been characterized as a creamy, smooth tone with a surprisingly open, clear top-end. The sound, as explained by many users, has "warmth" and punch, but with a "beautiful" expanded top end. In fact, the TG2-500 microphone preamplifier does have a small rise in its top-end frequency response and some warmth inducing distortion, which contributes to its sound.

Bring the sound of the Chandler Limited TG2-500 pre amp and EMI/Abbey Road Studios home to your 500 Series rack today!

Chandler Limited TG2-500 500-Series Preamp Features

  • TG Series EMI preamp now in a 500 series format!
  • Same Discrete Op-Amps as TG-2, TG-Channel mkII, TG1 Limiter, and TG Microphone Cassette
  • Made In USA

Chandler Limited TG2-500 500-Series Preamp Specifications

  • Channels: Mono
  • Circuit: Discrete, Transistor, Transformer Balanced I/O
  • Total Gain: +60db
  • Coarse Gain: +20db to +50db (stepped, 5db)
  • Fine Gain: ±10db (variable)
  • Input: Mic/Line switchable
  • Input Impedance: 1200/300 Ohm switchable
  • Phantom Power: +48v switchable
  • Phase: 0/180º, switchable
  • I/O: 500 Series format (frame dependent)
  • Power: 500 Series format
  • Max. current draw: +16v @ 110ma / -16v @ 80ma

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