Audix i5 Dynamic Microphone

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Audix i5
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Audix i5 Cardioid Instrument Microphone

Audix i5 Cardioid Instrument Microphone - designed by the true microphone experts at Audix to handle a wide variety of applications and survive the absolute torture of live sound gigs. An absolute dream mic for snare drum and guitar amps!

Audix i5 Cardioid Instrument Microphone Details

The Audix i5 Cardioid Instrument Microphone is a multi-purpose dynamic microphone with clear accurate sound. It is the ideal choice for snare drum and guitar amplifier duties, and due to it's versatile design, works extremely well for a number of other applications.

Designed, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA, the i5 is a dynamic instrument microphone used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. The i5 is able to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB without distortion and can be used to mic a wide variety of musical instruments, guitar and bass cabinets, vocals and speech.

The i5 is characterized with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control and is equipped with a VLM (Very Low Mass) diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction.

The i5 is sturdy, compact and easy to position. With a wide frequency response of 50 Hz - 16 kHz, the i5 provides clear, accurate, natural sound reproduction without having to rely on EQ. Roadworthy construction includes a precision cast zinc alloy body, steel grill, black e-coat finish, laser etched model and serial number, Switchcraft XLR connector and includes a heavy duty nylon mic clip.

Audix i5 Cardioid Instrument Microphone Features

  • Clear and accurate sound reproduction
  • Handles high SPL without distortion
  • Provides exceptional gain before feedback
  • Provides excellent isolation on stage
  • Precision cast zinc alloy body and grill
  • 5 year warranty


  • Live stage, studio
  • Snare, toms, percussion
  • Guitar cabinets, electric instruments
  • Bass cabinets
  • Brass, flute, woodwinds
  • Acoustic instruments
  • Vocals, speech

Audix i5 Cardioid Instrument Microphone Specifications

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Output Impedance: 150 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 1.5 mV / Pa @ 1k
  • Capsule Technology: VLM Type B
  • Off Axis Rejection: > 23 dB
  • Maximum SPL: ≥ 140 dB
  • Power Requirements: None
  • Connector: Switchcraft male XLR connector
  • Polarity: Positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of output XLR connector
  • Housing / Finish: Die cast Zinc Alloy / Black E-coat
  • Weight: 183 g / 6.5 ounces
  • Length: 141.5 mm / 5.6 inches

Supplied Accessories

  • Heavy duty nylon mic clip (MC1)
  • Carrying pouch (P1)

Optional Accessories

  • TRIPOD - Tripod mic stand
  • DFLEX - All purpose percussion clamp
  • DVICE - Spring loaded rim mount clamp
  • DCLAMP - Tension rod mic clamp
  • CBL-20 - 20â?? XLR-XLR mic cable
  • CBL-DR25 - 25â?? right angle XLR-XLR mic cable
  • STAND-KD - Adjustable kick drum mic stand
  • CAB GRABBER - Tension held mic holder, clamps to guitar cabinets

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What We Think - Audix i5 Review

"Without a doubt, the Audix i5 has become "A New Standard". Building off of what made everybody's old-standby great, Audix improved upon the idea of the multi-purpose instrument/vocal microphone. The i5 is a little less "bitey" on the top end and has more bass response than the 'old-standard' - somewhat negating the need for matching it up with another mic tailored for more bottom end response on a guitar or bass cabinet. Speaking of which... while the i5 is a great all around microphone it is exceptionally good on guitar cabinets and on snare drums. And for those concerned with durability, this mic is tough! The capsule is all metal - no plastic! I own two of them and they are used constantly with no fear of getting destroyed by a drummer with a 'wild-pitch'."

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  • 5
    Audix i5

    Posted by Ross Walker on Oct 11th 2014

    Great value for money - I used the mic on the snare for a session the other day and managed to get a great sound very quickly, with minimal bleed from the hats etc. I'm looking forward to trying it on other sources.

  • 4
    Good service, good mic

    Posted by Cam S on Aug 3rd 2014

    The Audix i5; It's a Dynamic mic and it sounds like one (a 2-dimensional utility microphone), that said - it's a great alternative to an SM57 on the snare drum batter (my main purpose for it), it gives a much more "workable" sound straight off the mic and it is not as "hard" sounding as a 57.

    I think unless you go up to an M201TG or 'way up' to an MD441 a couple of 57's and a couple of i5's are the ticket.

  • 5
    Audix i5

    Posted by Matt Lawson on May 22nd 2012

    Switched to the Audix i5 from a 57 on two guitar cabs. Orange amp is much fuller and brighter sounding. Fender hot rod deluxe is almost piercing on the highs (just like the real sound of the amp). I love all the audix mics I own. Virtually no feedback and good flat sound.

  • 4
    Cool utility mic.

    Posted by Matthew Moorman on May 16th 2012

    I'm often putting the i5 on a guitar cab as some security blanket and then trying to find some awesome spot away from the cab using a ribbon or condenser. It's a worthy quest, but often the signal captured by the i5 is totally fine.

    i5 vs. sm57:
    The i5 is not better than an sm57, it's different. It's worthy to compare the two, but it's a waste of time to say one is better than the other. For instance, I like the bass response better on the i5, but would rather use a 57 a snare (or something totally different).

  • 5
    very clear

    Posted by Tailai chen on Dec 9th 2011

    Compare it to Shure sm7b.the top end on audix i5 is obvious more spread.
    with the i5,guitar cab and acoustic guitar sound great.
    but it won't fit on every vocie.some female voc will sound thin on it.
    Sm7b is still an all around voc mic depended on my 9 years experience.

    I used those preamp: 7602 MKII,p-solo ribbon.

    my website side:

  • 5
    The new standard in dynamic instrument mics

    Posted by Silent Sky on Jun 2nd 2011

    Some say the Audix i5 the new standard in dynamic instrument mics, and I'm starting to believe it. The i5 is outstanding on snare drums and electric guitar, but is equally at home on toms and other percussion as well. It's solid as a rock, and there's also no annoying rotating head basket like the SM57! Highly recommended if you're looking for a good workhorse dynamic instrument mic.

  • 4
    Great on snare!

    Posted by fanDango on Mar 9th 2011

    This is a strong choice for mic'ing snare drum. It has a higher fidelity sound than, say, an SM57. It also works well for mic'ing guitar amps. This mic is a great value among dynamic mic choices.

  • 5

    Posted by Jose E Vargas on Nov 11th 2010

    This mic just works great, is so much better than the shure sm57, because it has more low end, and finally that what you want when recording a snare or an amp.

  • 5
    Audix i5

    Posted by Jeff Hook on Nov 3rd 2010

    Great sounding snare mic!