Audix DP5-A 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit

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Audix DP5A
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Audix DP5-A 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit

Audix DP5 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit is the easy turnkey solution for musicians, music venues, recording studios, churches, and more to get premium quality drum sounds without resorting to using equalizers or other processing.

Audix DP5-A 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit Details

The Audix DP5a, which is identical to the DP7 except for the condenser mics, is a perfect compliment of microphones for a 5 piece drum kit. All mics perform equally well whether it be on a live stage or in the studio.

Included in the DP5a drum mic package is the Audix D6, Audix's flagship kick drum mic, two- Audix D2's for rack toms, one Audix D4 for floor tom, and the Audix i5 for snare.

Also included are four Audix DVICE rim mount clips for every mic except the D6 kick drum mic, which comes with a heavy duty tension fit mic clip. Everything is conveniently packaged in a foam-lined aluminum carrying case road case for safe keeping when the mics are not in use.


Audix D6 for kick drum

The Audix D6 has a frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz and is characterized with a cardioid pick-up pattern. The D6 is designed to sound good in any position and it is not dependent on finding the "sweet spot" of the drum. The D6 capsule features the same legendary VLM technology that has made the D series percussion and instrument microphones very popular for today's live stages and recording studios.

Audix i5 for snare

The Audix i5's cardioid polar pattern allows it to focus on the specific instrument that is being miked while rejecting other instruments or ambient noise on stage. With a smooth and uniform frequency response of 50 Hz-16 kHz and an ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB, the i5 can be used for a wide variety of applications and for all genres of music.

2 x Audix D2 mics for toms

For bringing out the real, dynamic sound of your drum toms and congas, nothing beats the Audix D2! The D2 accurately reproduces the warmth and punch you listen for from percussion, leaving out the muddy, indistinct "boom" that can mar recording. The D2's natural warmth also makes it a great mic for saxophones and other woodwinds requiring a true, sensitive, yet big, reproduction.

Audix D4 for floor tom

Make sure your sound's low-end has that propulsive kick! The Audix D4 really puts that extra "oomph" in your kick drum, bass amp, and other low instruments thanks to its flat, linear response. Since this kit comes with the D6, Audix's premier kick drum mic, a good application for the D4 with this kit would be the floor tom.

Audix DP5-A 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit Features

  • All-in-one solution for miking drums
  • Instrument-specific mics for optimal results
  • Rugged Audix quality
  • Classic alnico microphone elements for smooth music sound
  • Great for stage and studio
  • Audix DVICE clips (x 4) for easy positioning
  • Road case

What's In The Box:

Audix DP5-A 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit Downloads

What We Think

"The Audix DP5a is really a go-to solution for someone looking to get a whole lot of bang for their buck when it comes to mic-ing up a drum kit. It's full of microphones that don't require a whole lot of work with the EQ on a mixer to make drums sound good. The DVICE clips have been improved over the years and are tight little goosenecks that allow you to really get some nice, easy positioning of the microphones. I really like the fact that the D2 and D4 mics are of a short body style. This makes it easy to get them positioned - especially under cymbals. Use them with the optional Audix CBL-DR25 Right-Angle XLR cable to minimize these microphones' footprint on the kit. The DP5a is a kit that belongs in every mic locker - from the professional studio to the stage, it won't disappoint and will see constant use."

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