Arturia Modular V Virtual Synthesizer Software

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Arturia Modular V
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Arturia Modular V Virtual Synthesizer Software

This is the one that switched on the synthesizer in popular music. Huge, massive, powerful, flexible all of this recreated in great detail for you.

Arturia, in partnership with Bob Moog, has made a faithful reproduction of one of the most famous series of synthesizers: Moog Modular. Whether recreating the abstract tonal qualities of the classic electronic soundtracks, or pushing forward the sonic boundaries of today, the Arturia Modular V Virtual Synthesizer Software is the synthof choice for sound exploration, anywhere, anytime. It has all the vibe and the fat sound of the original, cleverly combined with important contemporary features like polyphony, MIDI control, loading and saving of patches.

Because it is modular, the Moog Modular V offers endless possibilities for synthesis. 9 oscillators, 3 filter slots, 2 LFOs, 6 envelopes, VCAs, mixers, triggers, a 3x8 step-sequencer, etc. With such an instrument, you can make all types of combinations and create sounds that were never heard before.

TAE, standing for True Analog Emulation, is a new technology developed by Arturia, enabling the digital reproduction of analog circuits.

Arturia Modular V Virtual Synthesizer Software Features

  • aliasing-free oscillators, at no extra CPU cost.
  • better reproduction of analog oscillators: the condensers' unload and the oscillators' instability are simulated, helping to reproduce a typical warm sound.
  • very accurate reproduction of the legendary Mg 24 dB low-pass filter.
  • implementation of soft clipping, i.e. reproduction of the filters' current limiting function.
  • VCF audio quality improvements
  • All the parameters of the original synthesizer: 9 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 3 filter slots, 1 Noise Generator, 6 envelopes, 2 VCAs
  • 16 auxiliary VCAs with modulation inputs
  • 24-step sequencer
  • 1 filter bank (14 bandwidths available)
  • More than 600 presets, made by professionals

Arturia Modular V Virtual Synthesizer Software Specifications

  • Windows: Seven / Eight
  • Mac OS X (Intel only): 10.8 or higher
  • Minimum Requirements
    • 2 Gb RAM
    • CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended)
  • Syncrosoft copy protection (eLicenser)
  • Support for AAX (Pro Tools 11)
  • Support for 64-bit VST and Audio Unit
  • Support for Pro Tools 9 & 10
  • Support for Mac OSX 10.8+

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