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The Arturia SEM V2 Software utilizes their TAE modeling technology, to bring a giant back to life, with the faithful emulation of thelegendary Oberheim SEM - Synthesizer Expander Module.

The Arturia SEM V2 Software is a powerful instrument capable of producing a wide range of warm analog sounds. Reproducing the unique SEM architecture with its oscillator sync, characteristic filter shape and specific envelope response, SEM V2 is able to generate the fat basses that have made the Oberheim brand so popular. Thanks to its simple and clever pitch bend and mod wheel routings, it's very easy to produce moving and lively leads. Its remarkable 12 dB/oct multimode filter is a real blast from the past, and it's an awesome tool in the context of today's electronic music. This unique module can instantly tailor your sound to fat, crisp or spectral textures with every shade of nuance in-between.

And there's more!
The added polyphony and multitimbral capability will allow you to step into a world of deep pads, warm brass and complex sequences, features which were characteristic of the later 2-, 4-, and 8-voice Oberheim synthesizers. The Arturia SEM V2 module basically has the power of 8 SEMs! Thanks to the ergonomic 8-Voice Programmer module, setting each SEM V2oice is much faster than on hardware, leading to unique sonic results. Combined with the Keyboard Follow and the Modulation Matrix, the expressive capabilities of SEM V2 have gone far beyond the original.

Arturia SEM V2 Software Features

  • All the original parameters of the Oberheim SEM : two oscillators, each offering sawtooth wave and variable-width pulse wave with PWM, sine wave LFO, 12dB/oct multi-mode Filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch, two ADS envelope generators.
  • Added functionalities : New LFO, Noise, Sub oscillator, on board effects (overdrive, chorus and delay), Arpeggiator, Portamento.
  • Polyphony up to 32 and 8 Voice Multitimbrality
  • New 8 Voice Programmer module
  • Advanced Keyboard Follow module
  • Modulation Matrix module
  • Works in Standalone
  • Now compatible with iSEM Preset export/import
  • Polyphony parameter to limit the polyphony of the plugin
  • 20 new factory presets from Ian Boddy
  • 21 new factory presets from Erik Norlander
  • 35 new factory presets from Richard Courtel
  • 11 new factory presets from Kevin Lamb
  • 14 new factory presets from Drew Newmann
  • "Forward Retrigg" mode for the 8-Voice Programmer (for easy use of sequences using the Arpeggiator)
  • "Reassign" mode for the 8-Voice Programmer (like in the original one, the SEM V2 will first use the boards that are not gated in its voice assignment)
  • Sustain pedal is now active on all systems

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